Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL

Howard is an intricate part of Craig and Carla’s life, but how important.

Howard has been hounding Craig for years about his importance in the town of Awlsport and the business that he is involved with. Now Carla wants to know as well, since every time something is wrong Howard is right there.  How does all this fit into her new life as Mrs. Craig Jones.

“I’m just amazed at all your company does Howard?” Craig exclaimed with a smile on his face, showing his amazement.

“Actually no Craig, I have a partner, and hope to have another partner as soon as he gets off his butt and talks to me about all this stuff. I’d like another glass of this wonderful wine Craig, is it from the cellar stash?” Howard said as he touched on one of the main issues he needed for Craig to grasp and understand.

“Howard, I’m the one who needs to get off my butt don’t I?” Craig said with a grin.

Howard hosted his glass up, yelling, “Hallelujah, it’s finally sunk in!”

“Did I hear a Eureka moment over here Howard? Tommy’s finishing up his work now?” Carla said smiling walking back in the room.

“Thanks Carla and yes Craig has finally realized his importance. God it only took me 5 years of hounding it into that thick skull of his.”

Howard ran his fingers through his hair. “Howard that’s twice in two days you’ve run your fingers through your hair here at this house. Are we that much trouble?” Carla asked.

“No Carla, actually that’s just a habit I have. Craig, I will need a few days to get all my supplies to install the house security and get all the measurements for the property fencing. In the meantime, lock up and keep ‘Betsy’ close by. But I don’t think you need to worry. Oh can I call Tim in to help on the fence installation?” Howard asked.

Craig smiled “Of course, I still need my garage and some other things done. Tim’s not fired he’s just cooling off. I sort of put him in time-out.” Craig grinned saying, “Good night, and thanks Howard” Craig locked the door and checked the lakefront as well, turning off lights.

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