Who’s Betsy

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL“Craig, who’s Betsy” Carla smiled. She assumed it was his gun. “My Glock honey,” Craig replied putting his arm around her shoulder, Carla looked up with a smile. “Oh, are there other pretty named ladies in this house, or just me and Betsy, Craig?” She giggled. “Actually Carla there are, come with me I’ll introduce you.” Carla looked up at him and giggled as she said, “Guess I should introduce you to mine then too.”

Craig turned her around in shock, “You have a gun Carla!” “Yes I have 2 guns, Craig,” Carla saw Craig’s eyes get huge and his mouth drop open as he said “REALLY!”

Craig took her hand escorting her up the stairs to their bedroom closet. “Carla, I honestly was afraid you’d freak out when you saw what was in here, but now I know you probably won’t,” as he opened the door on the tall metal cabinet.

“Crap. This looks like an arsenal in here Craig!” Carla said, as her eyes got big as she turned around and looked at Craig. “Yeah, only a few of them are mine. The rest belong to Dad, Charles, and CA. This little one here was Judith’s, and this was Mary’s and the pearl handled one was my Mom’s.”

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