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…I really want to know!

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“So tell me about Samuel, and before you ask, yes I really want to know!”

“Samuel White is a few years older than all of us. He took Me, Mark and Joey under his wing our first year at U of I. We came to be friends when we found out we were from the Chicago area, think Samuel was from Skokie. He was a captain on the football team but I don’t remember his position.”

Craig tossed the empty water bottle towards the trash pile and downed the second bottle, wiped his forehead again and continued. “I lost track of Samuel for a while, then connected back with him in the Corps when he was my Staff Sergeant. I would see him around town and looked him up when I got Aileen’s note. Samuel is one of the strong silent types in our little Corps group.”

Carla started to make a statement, thought for a moment before she spoke. “When you needed an attorney, did you check into anyone else or just go to Samuel? Was Samuel always a prankster, Craig?” Craig stretched and said. “Yes, Samuel was a prankster. I went to Samuel for the divorce, I never checked into anyone else, lack of brain cells, too much of the old friend Jack Daniels at the time I guess.”

“Carla I think I have found something. Come over here please,” he said grinning. “Craig is that a chest of drawers?” “Yes my love,” Craig said smiling like a Cheshire cat. The chest was tall and narrow standing about four and a half feet, with drawers that where maybe three inches high, the wood was mahogany. “Open the drawers Carla,” Craig urged her.

“You can’t put much in this,” Carla said as she opened one of the drawers “Ohmigod, these are the most beautiful rubies, earrings, rings, pins, bracelet, and this necklace! Craig this must be your Grandmothers jewelry chest!”


Tell Me About Blackie

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL Carla was trying to keep Craig on the topic of conversation she wanted to know about her new acquaintances.

Four more chests needed moving out of the attic before they could reach the back dressers, and Craig worked fast when he was talking about his friends.

“Oh sure, Blackston Bradford Riddle aka Blackie, grew up here in Awlsport. In fact, his Dad is part of the Awlsport Town Council. Childhood friend worked with him at the café. Attended U of I, he is a couple of years older, studied law and played football. One of the season ticket holders he gave his ticket to Tim Smith when he went into the Corps ‘Intelligence Division’.”

Craig wiped his forehead and continued after he put down the trunk. “Blackie disappeared for several years; I think he went on to Harvard, not sure maybe it was the Bureau.” Carla stopped and asked, “Craig, you mean the FBI?” “Yes, guess that’s why I didn’t recognize him at the police station.” Craig stopped to move another chest and kept cleaning. “He joined the Centerville Police and had to use a different name, Jim his cousin was already a detective so Blackie opted to use Black so the two wouldn’t get confused.”

“Blackie seems very nice, in fact I sort of feel he had a genuine concern for your welfare over the theft case. I like him.”

What’s in that trunk?

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XLWe left Craig and Carla talking about Mark as they started cleaning out the attic. Let’s see what else Carla has learned about Craig’s friends and what did they find.

Craig stopped to move a big heavy suitcase towards the doorway. “Craig, was Mark with you in Europe too?” “No, he was reassigned to the Far East somewhere, I don’t really remember,” Craig replied as he moved a chest.

“Craig, so you didn’t start out at U of I?” She asked Craig. “Nope, I actually started close to home at Northwestern University, a little while at Loyola; not proud of the fact I was kicked out of both, for my drinking that’s when I headed to U of I. That my dear is another long story which we can go over with Allan some time.” Craig smiled at her as he moved a chest.

Since Craig was quiet, she asked, “How about your new boss, Joey?” He answered her request, “Joey Williams and I were roommates in college at U of I. Shared the same love of sports, both were tight ends in football. We loved everything about the world of computers. We hung out a lot during college. Somehow, we ended up in the same Marine Corps unit. Joey is from South Chicago. So Mark and I always saw him at the home games; we even bought a block of seats, still have them.” Craig stopped to wipe his brow.

“Carla, I think I have found some critters,” Craig said pointing to a pile in the suitcase. “WHAT  HERE?” Carla jumped on top of a chest. Craig started to laugh, “No honey they aren’t alive.” He held up one of the coats. “Oh is that?” She blew on the fur and coughed from the dust,

“Yes, it’s a mink coat and this is leopard.” Carla said holding up the coat. “That looks good on you honey. Is this sable?” Craig asked holding up another coat.

“Yes that appears to be sable, but this is a varmint Raccoon” Carla shivered and dropped it back in the suitcase. “What’s the matter Carla, don’t like raccoons?” He asked laughing at her reaction and inquired, “What do you want me to do with these Carla?”

Cleaning Time

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“Today the attic,” Craig commanded. “Got some dusters?” Carla turned around with the Swiffer in her hand. “Hmm, wonder if you’re as ticklish as I am?” “Carly hold that thought for later, we have work to do, we’ve been side tracked enough, now scoot. Focus attic.” Carla asked, “Locked up?” Craig pointed to the stairs, “Yep!” “I Hope there’s no cooties in there, let’s go!” Carla giggled, “Look out dust bunnies here we come; CA and Judith you have visitors!” Craig laughed, “You’re a hoot sometimes Carly.”

Craig smiled at her, “My muscles are ready for the task at hand.” “Mr. Jones I would like to know more about the Corps group and how everyone fits in our life while we are cleaning out the attic?” Carla asked Craig. “Sure honey, who do you want to start with?” They cleaned up the cobwebs and dust from the many years to reach the first suitcase and trunk. Carla said, “What the hell, let’s start with Mark Smith.”

“Are you sure Carla?” “Yes, I’m sure.” Craig cleared his throat “Ok then, Mark and I had many Blackston Lake summers since we were pre-teens. Then we worked at the café through our teens. We both loved electronic gadgets, water sports, girls, and I eventually followed him to U of I.”

Carla asked, “Craig you mean University of Illinois?” He continued, “Yes. Mark was one of the basketball team captains. In the Marine Corps, we ended up in the same unit for a while. I was able to get the job at Standard with Mark’s help you know the rest.