Cleaning Time

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL

“Today the attic,” Craig commanded. “Got some dusters?” Carla turned around with the Swiffer in her hand. “Hmm, wonder if you’re as ticklish as I am?” “Carly hold that thought for later, we have work to do, we’ve been side tracked enough, now scoot. Focus attic.” Carla asked, “Locked up?” Craig pointed to the stairs, “Yep!” “I Hope there’s no cooties in there, let’s go!” Carla giggled, “Look out dust bunnies here we come; CA and Judith you have visitors!” Craig laughed, “You’re a hoot sometimes Carly.”

Craig smiled at her, “My muscles are ready for the task at hand.” “Mr. Jones I would like to know more about the Corps group and how everyone fits in our life while we are cleaning out the attic?” Carla asked Craig. “Sure honey, who do you want to start with?” They cleaned up the cobwebs and dust from the many years to reach the first suitcase and trunk. Carla said, “What the hell, let’s start with Mark Smith.”

“Are you sure Carla?” “Yes, I’m sure.” Craig cleared his throat “Ok then, Mark and I had many Blackston Lake summers since we were pre-teens. Then we worked at the café through our teens. We both loved electronic gadgets, water sports, girls, and I eventually followed him to U of I.”

Carla asked, “Craig you mean University of Illinois?” He continued, “Yes. Mark was one of the basketball team captains. In the Marine Corps, we ended up in the same unit for a while. I was able to get the job at Standard with Mark’s help you know the rest.


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