What’s in that trunk?

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XLWe left Craig and Carla talking about Mark as they started cleaning out the attic. Let’s see what else Carla has learned about Craig’s friends and what did they find.

Craig stopped to move a big heavy suitcase towards the doorway. “Craig, was Mark with you in Europe too?” “No, he was reassigned to the Far East somewhere, I don’t really remember,” Craig replied as he moved a chest.

“Craig, so you didn’t start out at U of I?” She asked Craig. “Nope, I actually started close to home at Northwestern University, a little while at Loyola; not proud of the fact I was kicked out of both, for my drinking that’s when I headed to U of I. That my dear is another long story which we can go over with Allan some time.” Craig smiled at her as he moved a chest.

Since Craig was quiet, she asked, “How about your new boss, Joey?” He answered her request, “Joey Williams and I were roommates in college at U of I. Shared the same love of sports, both were tight ends in football. We loved everything about the world of computers. We hung out a lot during college. Somehow, we ended up in the same Marine Corps unit. Joey is from South Chicago. So Mark and I always saw him at the home games; we even bought a block of seats, still have them.” Craig stopped to wipe his brow.

“Carla, I think I have found some critters,” Craig said pointing to a pile in the suitcase. “WHAT  HERE?” Carla jumped on top of a chest. Craig started to laugh, “No honey they aren’t alive.” He held up one of the coats. “Oh is that?” She blew on the fur and coughed from the dust,

“Yes, it’s a mink coat and this is leopard.” Carla said holding up the coat. “That looks good on you honey. Is this sable?” Craig asked holding up another coat.

“Yes that appears to be sable, but this is a varmint Raccoon” Carla shivered and dropped it back in the suitcase. “What’s the matter Carla, don’t like raccoons?” He asked laughing at her reaction and inquired, “What do you want me to do with these Carla?”

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