Tell Me About Blackie

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL Carla was trying to keep Craig on the topic of conversation she wanted to know about her new acquaintances.

Four more chests needed moving out of the attic before they could reach the back dressers, and Craig worked fast when he was talking about his friends.

“Oh sure, Blackston Bradford Riddle aka Blackie, grew up here in Awlsport. In fact, his Dad is part of the Awlsport Town Council. Childhood friend worked with him at the café. Attended U of I, he is a couple of years older, studied law and played football. One of the season ticket holders he gave his ticket to Tim Smith when he went into the Corps ‘Intelligence Division’.”

Craig wiped his forehead and continued after he put down the trunk. “Blackie disappeared for several years; I think he went on to Harvard, not sure maybe it was the Bureau.” Carla stopped and asked, “Craig, you mean the FBI?” “Yes, guess that’s why I didn’t recognize him at the police station.” Craig stopped to move another chest and kept cleaning. “He joined the Centerville Police and had to use a different name, Jim his cousin was already a detective so Blackie opted to use Black so the two wouldn’t get confused.”

“Blackie seems very nice, in fact I sort of feel he had a genuine concern for your welfare over the theft case. I like him.”

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