…I really want to know!

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

“So tell me about Samuel, and before you ask, yes I really want to know!”

“Samuel White is a few years older than all of us. He took Me, Mark and Joey under his wing our first year at U of I. We came to be friends when we found out we were from the Chicago area, think Samuel was from Skokie. He was a captain on the football team but I don’t remember his position.”

Craig tossed the empty water bottle towards the trash pile and downed the second bottle, wiped his forehead again and continued. “I lost track of Samuel for a while, then connected back with him in the Corps when he was my Staff Sergeant. I would see him around town and looked him up when I got Aileen’s note. Samuel is one of the strong silent types in our little Corps group.”

Carla started to make a statement, thought for a moment before she spoke. “When you needed an attorney, did you check into anyone else or just go to Samuel? Was Samuel always a prankster, Craig?” Craig stretched and said. “Yes, Samuel was a prankster. I went to Samuel for the divorce, I never checked into anyone else, lack of brain cells, too much of the old friend Jack Daniels at the time I guess.”

“Carla I think I have found something. Come over here please,” he said grinning. “Craig is that a chest of drawers?” “Yes my love,” Craig said smiling like a Cheshire cat. The chest was tall and narrow standing about four and a half feet, with drawers that where maybe three inches high, the wood was mahogany. “Open the drawers Carla,” Craig urged her.

“You can’t put much in this,” Carla said as she opened one of the drawers “Ohmigod, these are the most beautiful rubies, earrings, rings, pins, bracelet, and this necklace! Craig this must be your Grandmothers jewelry chest!”


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