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Another Childhood Friend

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Craig had been hearing a noise ever since she turned the fan on. “Carla, is there any other thing running right now, laundry?” “No why,” Carla asked. “Listen,” Craig went to the outside kitchen door then the passage door. “It’s in the passage way Carla, turn that switch off for the attic fan” as Craig opened the door and said, “Switch the fan on again. It’s turned on something down here, Carla grab the flashlight for me please.”

Craig took the flashlight down into the passage “There’s a fan and small light, turn off the fan again Carla. Ok you can turn it back on. Hmm” Craig put the flashlight back. “What is it Craig?” Craig came back in explaining, “It controls a light and fan ventilation system. I’m surprised they didn’t find it a couple of months ago when they cleaned out the passageway!” “They were only focusing on the jars and metal boxes remember.” Carla stated, “I don’t remember that switch being on while I was in here cooking. Mystery solved!”

“Tell me about Tim,” Carla said pouring more coffee. “Tim Smith is not related to Mark that they know of; but he is to Mrs. Smith. Tim has always lived in Awlsport, childhood summer friend, co-worker at the Café and went to U of I. He is younger and he did not finish college but joined the Corps when we did. He has become one of the best custom builders here in the area with his father. His Dad is one of the Awlsport Town Council and built the business up after his father passed. Tim’s another of the Awlsport heritage Howard’s always talking about.”

Craig took a long drink of water and thought for a few minutes with. He had a funny look on his face as Carla asked, “What?” “I was just thinking about Tim’s wife Mary, she’s another Awlsport local. They started dating in high school. Think they had to get married, because he left school quickly, but I will tell you this Carla, Mary’s true as true can be. She will be a good friend for you. Mary’s straightened me out a time or two, great lady and mother.”

Here’s to Spring.

The weather here in Indiana is starting to have the feel of spring. I can actually see grass and hear some birds chirping. As long as I don’t have the news on I’m smiling, ready to run out the door with out the boots, scarf and gloves. This winter has been the worse I can remember since I was a youngster.  So here’s to dreaming of Spring 2014!

To being able to ride the bikes, walk around the neighborhood listening to all the chirping birds and enjoying the green and colors of our Indiana spring time.


Jewelry Chest

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

Craig has found his Grandmother Judy’s jewelry chest holds emeralds, diamonds, pearl, rubies and much more. You know Carla wants to document for insurance purposes. . .

Craig came up behind her and kissed her neck, “Mrs. Jones, I believe you have some new jewels to pass on to our children, what’s mine is yours!” Carla turned around real fast with her face all lit up, “You mean these are mine?”

“Yes, Mrs. Jones they wouldn’t look good on me.” Craig smiled back at her, he was so glad he was the one to find Grand Judy’s jewelry box. Craig carefully carried the box out of the attic, “Carla you want this out here or in the bedroom?” “Craig, just put it in the hall until I get it all cleaned up.”