Tell Me All About Howard, Craig

If you’ve been following this story of Carla and Craig, you know how many times Howard has been involved in events at Blackston Lake. So you deserve to find out about his relationship with Craig.

Secret Treasurs book cover  412796_XL

“Howard. He is the ‘Old Man’ of the Corps Group, only by 5 years. Blackie and he are the same age. Of course, since his name is Awls, he helped take care of all of us. That is where he got the nickname. Carla he’ll answer to Old Man but don’t ever call him Howie. That makes him really mad!” Craig said finishing his coffee.

“I’d never dream of calling him that, he’s not the type to be called Howie, that doesn’t fit him.” Carla smiled as she thought of Howard as a Howie and giggled.

“Defensive linemen lettered in football at U of I after he graduated, he went to Europe or  somewhere to study sculpture for a year, then he joined the Corps. Ending up with all of us, he knows us too well. Howard has always been a big brother, always watched over us. Howard married Anna while he was abroad and they had Tommy. They were expecting their second child shortly after his stint in the Marines. The baby was still-born and he lost Anna as well, that’s a very touchy subject with Howard, Carla, so be careful.” Craig got quiet. “Thanks for telling me that,” Carla said.

“Howard told me the other day,” Craig cleared his throat “How much you remind him of Anna, I think that’s why he’s taken on being your body-guard. Baby, you have nothing to worry about  with that knucklehead Mark. Howard is a gentle giant! Tommy’s his main focus now and he seems to be doing a bang up job raising him, oh and he’s my business partner, those details will come someday soon!”

Craig filled up his glass of water and downed it, and went over to look out at the lake; Carla sensed he was remembering something, so she just watched him from the doorway. I know what memories will do, best to leave him alone.

“Back to work,” Carla said as she headed back up the stairs. Craig walked back to the stairs taking two at a time and caught up to her. “Sorry, I was having a buddy moment!” Craig admitted. “That’s what I thought, my fault,” Carla’s hands where full of more cleaning supplies.

 “Now let’s get this chest out here and see what we have.” Craig said pulling another big chest out of the attic doorway. “Carla, you clean these off and I’ll get the other one out here.” Carla started to dust the first one-off and tried to get it open. “Craig this one is stuck.” “I’ll be right there.” Craig said bringing the other one out. “The lock’s rusted, I’ll need some WD40, Carla,” Craig stated. “I’m on it,” Carla ran down the stairs and back up. “Here you go Craig,” handing him the WD40, “Boy we have gone through a lot of this.”

“Carla this just needs a squirt of WD40, a whack with the mallet, jackpot!” Carla came over to kneel next to Craig, “Silver!” “I remember some of this Carla,” he said as he gently lifted it out of the chest. “We need to get some pacific cloth and silver polish; this is just beautiful and”

Carla stopped as she wiped her eye. Craig put his arm around her “It’s all ours honey! Let’s take this all out and see what we have here.”

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