What’s This Mess About?

Secret Treasurs web pg 4.18.13 book cover  412796_XL You’ve meet Craig’s friends, two are important in his life, Howard and Allan, of the two Allan has known Craig the best, since age 4.

You’re realizing that Allan’s been through the tragic times in Craig’s life. Howard has been there for all of Craig’s summer life.

Now Howard has Allan investigating things that will affect Craig’s life forever.

The phone rang. “Allan its Howard how’s the email issue going?” Allan cleared his throat, “Pretty much solved that, it was Samuel again. How are things at Blackston Lake?” Howard answered, “Am I calling at a bad time Allan?” “No you’re ok Howard.” “Blackston Lake is coming along, I was wondering about the timing of our talk with Craig. Can we wait till after their reception party?”

“Actually Howard that would be perfect we’ll be there anyway, will plan on Sunday then! Oh by the way how’s the Craig and Michael sibling issue coming along, Howard?” Howard answered, “Allan, it is too soon to tell right now they may just be cousins.” “Interesting?”

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