Did you and Aileen…

This attic has become quite a pocket of surprises for Carla along with memories for Craig; silver pieces in one big chest, while a smaller one holds stocks certificate and bonds, until he flips it over and a small bag falls out…

“What’s this,” he opened it as Carla came up behind him “Ohmigod, those are the biggest fire opals I have ever seen Craig!” Carla ran her fingers over them, “Oh their so dry, I’ll be right back.” She had coconut oil in her hand and began to rub the stones with it. “Carla, what on earth are you doing?” Carla replied, “Craig opals are very fragile and they need to be kept oiled, otherwise they will chip and break, so I’m putting coconut oil on them as I have to do with all of the ones in the jewelry chest.”

They started to clean up the mess “Somehow I know my Dad had no idea this was all up here,” Craig said. “Achoo.” “Bless you Honey.” Carla spoke, “Maybe he did Craig, and he sold all the furniture on the first floor, covered up everything upstairs. Craig you said he would not let you buy the house. If I remember you said something about him not trusting Aileen.” Carla continued cautiously, “So if he suspected you were in a bad marriage, he might have caught her up here snooping around. That would possibly explain why he sold the stuff downstairs and locked up the house.”

Carla had the audacity to ask, “Did you and Aileen come up here for any time before he closed the house?” Craig tilted his head and looked at Carla. “Yes one weekend right after we were married, just before Dad closed up the house and sold what was downstairs. We were going out on the boat, but Aileen said she wasn’t feeling well and stayed here alone.” Craig slammed his fist on the chest with a deep growl, startling Carla.


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