I left you hanging on Carla asking Craig about his ex wife Aileen and his Dad…

“Honey its ok, she probably couldn’t get these open, look at all the trouble we’ve had trying to open these. I am guessing Aileen said or did something that made your Dad suspect her of being devious.” Carla thought, there I said what has been on my mind I sure hope I do not regret it.

“You’re right, they had arguments all the time, and I never knew what the reason was. They never got along he did not come to the wedding, guess that is why the Will was the way it was. When Samuel read it, the only statement he made was someone in the family was not trustworthy. It never made sense; I just figured Dad did not trust me. Now I know he was protecting this and me.” Craig took Carla in his arms “I love you.”

Carla remained busy cleaning chests silent with her thoughts obliviously Aileen was a sore subject she should have kept to yourself. Craig touched her head gently, “Sorry Honey, the broad just . . . Carla let’s finish this last chest, I’m getting out of the mood for this,” Craig said.


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