“Grr” woke Carla “Craig, where are you,” Carla asked startled by the growl she heard after noticing the time, “It’s 4 AM.” “I’m here in the sitting area thinking” Craig replied with a deep sigh. “Thinking about what?” Carla asked as she sat down on his lap hugging him. “Grand Judy’s jewelry chest, it was right there by the attic door when we found it. The only thing next to it was the suitcase and a clean spot on the floor. I remember thinking how strange that was and I just figured you had taken something out when you were cleaning.”

“Carla did you take anything out of the attic before we started cleaning it?” Craig asked. “No Craig! I opened the door and peeped in when I was cleaning up the bedrooms and closed it. I did not want to mess with your family things and just made a mental note for your To Do List. I forgot about it until you brought all the mattress stuff over to the apartment.”

“Why are you asking me is there a problem?” Carla asked moving down on the pillows by the  fireplace, “You woke me with a growl, and the frown is starting again Mr. Jones, what’s going on in that gray matter? I said something about your Dad. Why are you mad? Oh please tell me what you are thinking Craig!” Carla gently touched his hand.

“I looked in the drawers of the jewelry chest, and there are indentations and dust around everything that has been sitting there all these years, undisturbed except in two spots, both are ring holders.” Craig said as he helped Carla up and showed her the two drawers, and then opened the one above and below. “I see what you mean, my emerald ring would fit right here,” Carla went for her ring “A perfect match.”

t the original box for the ring, it just looked t touch this chest anymore Carla till I call Blackie Craig asked with his head hung down and biting his lower lip.

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