Mark’s Call

Before the Jewelry chest dilemma there was a phone call from Mark …  Here’s what surprised Carla.

“Craig what did Mark want?” …

“Actually there is a big craft show in Champaign near the U of I campus, guess they went last year and really liked it, thought we would too.”

“Oh he’s out of the hospital already? He’s able to do a lot of walking, cause I was at that show years ago, it covers a big area?” Carla said, “I do not know how someone recuperating from an auto accident can do that much walking.

“Guess so, he sounds like the Mark I know. You know I think he has a drinking problem, hope this recent accident wakes him up!” Craig just shrugged his shoulders and went back to reading the paper.

“I don’t think he got your subtle message at the airport,” Carla commented as Craig said, “That’s what I was thinking he just doesn’t get the fact that I’m not his free ticket any more. I’m not sure how else to tell him though.” She asked, “Worried about feelings being hurt Craig?”

“Yes!” “Carla, have you talked to Paula since the accident?” He asked. “I called a couple of times, but she has not called me back. I’ll try her again tomorrow.” Carla commented, “I’m ok about going if you want to go Craig.”



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