What’s Hidden Now?

Craig placed a call to Blackie about the rings and Aileen. Carla put some sweet rolls in the oven for breakfast. So their day started they decided to finish cleaning up the attic since the rain and wind was stronger.

“Well that takes care of these trunks Carla. I would have thought there would have been decorative things, and maybe clothes. They never threw anything away. Look at all the papers we found and the cash boxes in the floor boards.”

“Then there were the diamonds, Craig.” Carla said getting up from the floor. “Almost forgot, we better check those bottles of champagne. What’s wrong, you usually aren’t speechless Carla.” Craig just kept looking at her, she had that I am thinking look. “I’m going for those bottles Carla, be right back.”

Craig went to the wine cellar looking for the 1943 Dom Perignon champagne, there was only three bottles left, but it looked as if there had been more setting there recently from the indentation in the packing. He brought the remaining bottles up “Carla, did you bring any of those 1943 Dom bottles up here?”

“No Craig, I’ll be right back could you get me those furs please?” “You want all of them?” Craig questioned with a puzzled look on his face.

Carla replied, “Yes please.” Craig came into the room with the furs in his hands “Now you really have my curiosity up, what’s with the bowl and that lethal thing?”

“This is a seam ripper Craig.” Carla thought for a moment about how to say what she was thinking so he would understand. “Craig do you remember the tales we heard in school, about the Holocaust and how people were only taking what was on their back as they fled the Nazi’s?”

Carla saw a glimmer in his eyes “Sure, wait a minute you think there maybe items stashed inside these coats.”


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