Why are these coats so heavy?

Last week Carla had a hunch about the fur coats and this week we see why those coats were heavy.   . . . “Craig do you remember the tales we heard in school, about the Holocaust and how people were only taking what was on their back as they fled the Nazi’s?” Carla saw a glimmer in his eyes “Sure, wait a minute you think there maybe items stashed inside these coats.”

“Yes, that WWI dress got me to thinking. Since these furs are heavy and in dire need of cleaning I think they may be in need of alterations as well!” Craig replied to her statement “You think Judith left that WWI dress in the trunk as a clue. That sounds like something Grand Judy would do. What else should we check?”

“All of those photo frames, inside and the linings on all these trunks, especially those 2 smaller ones Craig.” “I’m on it, what should I use Carla?” “This box cutter should work, run very close inside along the outer edges.”

“Oh Craig I need your help, I need these hanging so I can cut the thread. The coat rack from our room would be perfect and a couple of the heavy wooden hangers please.” Craig took off to the bedroom saying, “Coming up” Craig’s hands were full, “Where do you want this?”

“Here will be fine.” Carla sat Indian style, inserted the seam ripper into the heavy thread, taking caution to maneuver the sharp end of the seam ripper to get started. “I want to watch you do  his. Need any help Carla.” He asked her.

“Yes, actually you can hold this corner and the bowl when I start to slice the thread.” A pinging sound filled the room as the items fell out of the coat’s hem into the small metal bowl. “You were right Carla” Craig scratched his head, “I’ll be a monkey’s uncle look at all this, WOW!”


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