I have to admit that our ancestors got very creative when it came to hiding things. 

Have you ever had the opportunity to help pack up or Spring clean one of your elders home. Offer to help if you can, you’ll be amazed at everything you’re be seeing. . . read on to see what Craig and Carla found.

An hour later, that metal bowl held 4 pearl necklaces, 6 gold wedding rings, 3 diamond solitaire rings, small gold chains, some larger chains and a few paintings of families along with photos, they had been rolled up tightly with thread, all held at the hemlines. “They’re a little wrinkledbut, I think they’ll be ok once the papers relax. Then we can flatten them Craig.”

The collar and rolled cuffs of the sable produced, loose rubies, the hem loose emeralds. “Carla I would never have thought about checking the coats like that, guess I know why that suitcase was so heavy.” Craig stated smiling at Carla.

“What did you’re treasure hunt uncover Craig?” Carla asked standing up and stretching. “Well, this one chest had a false bottom and held a stack of Francs in various denominations, and a gun. This other trunk had pictures and letters plus these silver and gold crosses.”

Craig bragged smiling. “What did you find in the photo frames Craig?” Carla asked when she saw Craig with a big smile. “Oh yeah, just these two, they had envelopes with big horse blanket dollars.”

The rain had stopped and the sun was setting as they came down the stairs. The attic was finished for the time being. “Yeah, cleaning is done and rain stopped I need fresh air Craig, let’s run.” They took off on a long run to clear their heads and talk about what they still need to do.


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