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Mornings Walk

Craig and Carla both have that self protection mind set, I bet there’s a lot more butting heads to come for the newlyweds. Let’s see what happens the next day. . .

Craig and Carla took a long walk in the cool morning air “You’re very quiet Craig, you still mad about last night?” “Carla I’m not still mad. Last night I was furious but Howard rather agreed that you were smart to call. It will be better, when the security is installed and draperies up. I know we are both jittery from the other day.”

“Yes we’re both tossing at night, we need a US day don’t we?” Carla said with a strong emphasis on us, when she used that tone in her voice Craig already knew he had better listen. “You’re 100% right Mrs. Jones.”

“Let’s see about this landscape and wooded areas close to the house, shall we.” Craig took her hand as they walked, checking if anything looked disturbed. He noticed a lot of wildlife and downed limbs close to the house, “A little too close for comfort, don’t you think Carla.” Craig asked. He had already been thinking about clearing out about 50 yards from all around the house.

“Yes and a fence might be a good idea as well, especially if we ever put in a vegetable garden. Those rabbits and deer will be my enemy.” Carla shivered. “Craig can we use varmints for target practice,” she asked. “We’ll have to check on the local ordinance on that first Carla.”


Butting Heads

Now who do you think was out in the cove shining a light into Craig’s home? Don’t blame Carla for calling Howard . . . I would have too, here’s what happened after Howard left.

“UPSTAIRS, Mrs. Jones this instant.” Carla took Red and waltzed upstairs. “Mad at me Craig?” “Yes and No” Craig responded to her in a rough voice.

“I think it is yes from the way you just hollered at me Craig.” Carla said.

“Ok, I was worried Craig. You did not know who was out there and yet you went out with Betsy alone. Yes. I called Howard. Call me a nervous scared bride. Shoot, oops wrong word, call me a dumb blonde but I was scared Craig.”

Carla put Red away and turned around to Craig. “I’m sorry, I’m still jittery from the welcome home we had.” Carla said praying she had not made a mistake.

“It’s ok Carla” Craig’s voice was now much softer “Think we both are still upset over that incident; I know we’ll be better as soon as the security system is installed. I know I sure will be. Seems like every little noise is waking me up. Sorry I was loud with my demand, can I make it up to you?”

Craig held out his arms to Carla, who slowly walked up to him “Promise me you won’t do that again and you can hug me.” “Promise I won’t go outside alone with Betsy and I won’t be demanding in a loud voice unless absolutely necessary, Mrs. Jones.”

“We’re sort of butting heads on the security thing aren’t we Craig?”

“Yep, I think we are. You’re in an “I have to protect myself ” mode and I’m in my “Corps Training, protect my wife” mode. I only know one way to solve this dilemma.”

“What is that plan Craig, your holding me hostage at this moment. I could snap Carly to attention and remind her of your request yesterday and break this little situation up.” “Oh I’m sure you could.” “This” Carla started to tickle Craig, “That’s what I thought you would try to do, payback time.”

Hours later the laughter subsided, the pillow fight over as they picked feathers out of their hair. “Pillow fight wasn’t what I had in mind for a tension reliever. As always, Carly strikes again I never know what you’ll do next but I sure do love you Carla.” “So I guess you’re not mad at me anymore Mr. Jones?” Carla started slowly taking off her clothes. “Ooh Mrs. Jones . . .”




What Was That Light?

After Craig and Carla found all the goodies hiding in the attic, coats and chests they have decided for some R&R … You’ll never guess what happens next as the sit by the fire cuddled up.

Suddenly a light flashed across the room. “What was that?” Craig shouted as he jumped up seeing the light flash in the window again. There was a boat out on the lake flashing a light in the cove. Craig grabbed his Glock, and went out the door, cautiously walking around the house.

When he came back in Carla had Red in her hand screaming, “That does it! Craig I want draperies and security on these windows now.”

“Carla, I agree completely with you!” The doorbell rang, Craig turned around glaring at her, “Did you call Howard Awls by any chance,” Craig asked. “Yes that would be Howard.” Carla went to open the door.

“Are you guys ok, Carla said someone was casing the house and you were out with Betsy.” “Yes Howard, someone out in the cove sitting in a Cris-Craft from what I could see. Those lights show just enough. They had on baseball caps.” Craig was tight lipped and looking at Carla, he was proud of her but thought she hollered wolf when it really wasn’t necessary.

“Actually Craig, I’d rather have a false alarm than the real thing. Since you still have Betsy in your hand, let’s grab those hi power flashlights and you and I will walk the area. Carla stay in here with your protection, but please keep your phone close and call me first before you fire, we’ll do the same. That way we’ll all be safe. Understood?” Carla replied, “Yes Howard.”

“Well everything is ok Craig, any idea who?” Howard asked. “Looked like Paula and Mark, definitely his Dad’s boat,” Craig stated.

“I’ll stop in tomorrow and see what I can find out I thought he was still in the hospital?” Howard asked seeing Craig shake his head “Not according to his phone call today. Thanks Howard.”