What Was That Light?

After Craig and Carla found all the goodies hiding in the attic, coats and chests they have decided for some R&R … You’ll never guess what happens next as the sit by the fire cuddled up.

Suddenly a light flashed across the room. “What was that?” Craig shouted as he jumped up seeing the light flash in the window again. There was a boat out on the lake flashing a light in the cove. Craig grabbed his Glock, and went out the door, cautiously walking around the house.

When he came back in Carla had Red in her hand screaming, “That does it! Craig I want draperies and security on these windows now.”

“Carla, I agree completely with you!” The doorbell rang, Craig turned around glaring at her, “Did you call Howard Awls by any chance,” Craig asked. “Yes that would be Howard.” Carla went to open the door.

“Are you guys ok, Carla said someone was casing the house and you were out with Betsy.” “Yes Howard, someone out in the cove sitting in a Cris-Craft from what I could see. Those lights show just enough. They had on baseball caps.” Craig was tight lipped and looking at Carla, he was proud of her but thought she hollered wolf when it really wasn’t necessary.

“Actually Craig, I’d rather have a false alarm than the real thing. Since you still have Betsy in your hand, let’s grab those hi power flashlights and you and I will walk the area. Carla stay in here with your protection, but please keep your phone close and call me first before you fire, we’ll do the same. That way we’ll all be safe. Understood?” Carla replied, “Yes Howard.”

“Well everything is ok Craig, any idea who?” Howard asked. “Looked like Paula and Mark, definitely his Dad’s boat,” Craig stated.

“I’ll stop in tomorrow and see what I can find out I thought he was still in the hospital?” Howard asked seeing Craig shake his head “Not according to his phone call today. Thanks Howard.”

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