Mornings Walk

Craig and Carla both have that self protection mind set, I bet there’s a lot more butting heads to come for the newlyweds. Let’s see what happens the next day. . .

Craig and Carla took a long walk in the cool morning air “You’re very quiet Craig, you still mad about last night?” “Carla I’m not still mad. Last night I was furious but Howard rather agreed that you were smart to call. It will be better, when the security is installed and draperies up. I know we are both jittery from the other day.”

“Yes we’re both tossing at night, we need a US day don’t we?” Carla said with a strong emphasis on us, when she used that tone in her voice Craig already knew he had better listen. “You’re 100% right Mrs. Jones.”

“Let’s see about this landscape and wooded areas close to the house, shall we.” Craig took her hand as they walked, checking if anything looked disturbed. He noticed a lot of wildlife and downed limbs close to the house, “A little too close for comfort, don’t you think Carla.” Craig asked. He had already been thinking about clearing out about 50 yards from all around the house.

“Yes and a fence might be a good idea as well, especially if we ever put in a vegetable garden. Those rabbits and deer will be my enemy.” Carla shivered. “Craig can we use varmints for target practice,” she asked. “We’ll have to check on the local ordinance on that first Carla.”


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