Carla Takes Charge

Leave it to the lady of the house to get the ball rolling when something needs to be done. And you’re about to see how Carla gets into her wife duties.

               About 10, Carla approached Craig with a piece of paper. “Here’s the number for H&A Security and Tim Smith. We need the property fence up and we need the garage built before winter!”

“Yes, you’re right, I’ll call Tim and get him working on the blueprint for the garage and clearing the area close to the house. Then I’ll call Howard and see how the security and property fence is coming along.”

“What’s the paper you have Carla?” Craig asked looking up at her. “The measurements for the drapery and I need you to ok what I want done Craig!” Carla stated. “Why, Carla?” “I want the entire glass block covered as high up as possible with sheers and drapery, and I think that will require drilling!”

re dealing with here, and it needs to be handled. Now would be better than trying to Carla re on the same wave length. Oh ”

Craig walked up to Carla from behind and put his arms around her, “I’m sorry I got ticked off last night. I missed you this morning,” he started nibbling on her neck. “Craig, I shouldn’t have called Howard ooh, damn I wish we had drapes.”

“I have an idea, another first Mrs. Jones.” “But we’re in the kitchen!” “Never done it in the kitchen, we’ll have to solve that mystery” he started to nibble her neck again. “Ooh . . .”


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