Sledge Hammer?

Bet you’re wondering why this title is Sledge Hammer, well it’s about to get interesting folks. Try to remember when you found that missing toy out in the yard years later . . .  

Craig’s Glock 32 was still on the kitchen counter. Carla looked up from the paper she was  making notes on, “Craig you should put your gun in the drawer Tim just pulled in the drive.” “Thanks Honey I’m on it.”

“Morning Tim, looks like you have some designs there, come on in.”

“Yes Craig and you look like marriage is agreeing with you two, morning  Carla.” Tim commented with a smile.

Craig’s phone rang, “Oh please excuse me Tim.” “Coffee, Tim” Carla asked “Of course, that is one drink I never turn down, thanks Carla.”

“Blackie and Samuel are on their way with the county forensic team Carla.” Craig stated walking back into the family room. “Samuel!” Carla just shook her head.

“Did you finish the design for the attached garage? That area by my library would be great.” Craig said as he motioned Carla for a refill.

“That’s the best place to have the doorway and it would only require I step down or a little ramp Craig,” Tim commented as they looked over the blueprints. “Could we just slant the whole floor so there wouldn’t be a step?” Craig asked, as he was looking down at the item on the floor “What’s that Tim?”

“Oh, some more treasure I found. I was pulling up your stepping-stones; they are not slippery, just unleveled. These cans are under them.” Tim held up the one for Craig to see.

“I’ll be dipped, Grandpaps sure got into creative banking didn’t he,” Craig said laughing. Carla came over to look “Yes Craig these stepping stones are special alright!” Carla stated to giggle, which prompted a smile on Craig’s face. “Got a sledge hammer, because I don’t think the bank will take this as it is for deposit, they like things in rolls,” Carla laughed.


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