Who Is The Builder Here?

There is two macho men, and the little wife looking over a plan for the garage. Now the garage is supposed to be the ‘man cave’ area right?  Well we’ll see about that . . .



Carla put her coffee cup down, “Can I see your garage plan Craig?”

“Sure, the wheels are turning again Tim.” Craig assumed looking at Carla, “What is on your mind honey?”


“Craig, think ahead 10 years, a big family is in our plans right? Then there is carrying in groceries through your library, not to mention the dripping rain coats and messy snow boots! Personally, I think the garage and entry doorway by the kitchen area would be smarter. Like over here between the breakfast bar and my little office area.” Carla walked to the area she was talking about then came back to the blueprints.


“Would you be able to fit two big vans and a John Deere tractor in here? Oh and the kid’s bikes, garden and lawn equipment, golf clubs and trash cans; and that motor cycle you’ve been talking about?” Carla voiced her opinion as she sat down at the table looking at Craig, then Tim as she put her hands behind her head and said “Measure twice cut once!” Carla thought that Tim is just  out for continuous income from this house.

Tim looked at Carla stretching out his arms, “Oops, Craig she’s right. This plan is for two cars, after three kids you must have a van! Then there’s the motorcycle and snowplow . . . .” Tim just shook his head, “Best to double the size and make it deeper to.” “Tim, actually make it 3 cars wide and deeper.” Craig tilted his head as he winked looking at her “Carla, I wasn’t thinking ahead thanks. Let’s get on it right now Tim.”

Carla said, “Oh, the flower beds; I know what is in that dirt where you’ll be putting the new garage. We have to be careful.” “Why, Carla?” Craig asked.

“Craig, when I was working in the soil around the flowers I thought I hit some stray concrete or rocks with the shovel, now I am not so sure. Those angels are very heavy I could not move them. Think Grand Judy was a creative banker as well.” Carla had an excited look on her face, “I was going to dig up that bed and separate it any way, guess its garden work today.”


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