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     Remember all those fun days of playing in the mud as a child then running into the sprinkler to get it all off you so you wouldn’t get in trouble… Well I do and that’s how this day ends for Craig, Carla and all of their friends who helped.

Mud was the dominate attire, Mary let out another whistle as Craig announced, “Last one in the lake buys dinner!” Wallets and keys flew in the doorway as they made a dash down the steps and at the end of the pier “Cannonball” echoed through the cove.

Carla called in for a pizza delivery and handed Mary some towels, grabbed some snacks. Someone hollered, “Carla has to buy, she jumped in last!” as Carla kicked off her shoes, diving in the lake.

“At least we’re putting some of this mud back in Blackston, what’s for dinner Carla?” “Pizza” Carla yelled out as she swam out farther till, Craig grabbed her by the legs “AH!” “Gotcha,” Craig smiled, “Thought you could get away did you.”

Carla grinned, “You’re in trouble now. The pizza delivery guy has to swim out to get paid.” Carla pointed to the top of the stairs. “Got it Carla” Howard got out and headed upstairs.

“Sorry about that Howard, how much do we owe you? The pizzas didn’t take long at all today.” Craig asked as Carla said “26 + tip.” “Craig it was the standard 20 minutes, you just got carried away trying to catch your wife,” Howard laughed as he ate his pizza.

“Thanks for the Pizza but we gotta get home to the kids” Mary said as she put her shoes back on. “Here take this cheese home for the kids dinner, I ordered one too many.” Carla said handing Tim the pizza, “Thanks Carla, see you all tomorrow.”

Centerville Police & Forensic never showed up that day. That night was an early one all the muscles ached! The whirlpool came to the rescue once again. The Joneses fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.


Strange Hiding Places

           We are always being surprised by the odd and yet ingenious ways our parents had of hiding things from us. . . like Christmas presents in the basement crawl space.  The recent remodel of the house had provided this sand filled crawl space that went back a few feet and turned into this big empty space under the master bedroom. Now I don’t remember why I crawled in there, but I did.      I think the memory of finding that stash was what got my creative juices going on this next discover in the garden that day. 

“Mary let’s get some lunch going,” Carla said standing up, stretching and dusting off the dirt. “Carla, please come here,” Craig yelled. “Well maybe we’re not done let’s see what they have found now!” Carla said to Mary as they came around the corner of the house to see Craig and Tim on their knees with the two statues. Mary and Carla just laughed.


“What are you doing to those angels? That looks like a ham on the base.” Carla said looking over at Mary “That’s the kind my granny use to buy.” “Well ladies, this is one very expensive ham!” Craig said, taking the duct tape off the top. “Grand Judy’s secret stash, there must be over a hundred Peace Dollar’s in here.” “The can had been secured with foil and duck taped then attached with cement. I’m guessing the smaller one is the same way,” Craig explained as he stood up.

“Carla I’m getting hungry,” Craig said. Mary let out a sharp whistle, “Guys we’re going to clean up and start burgers and hot dogs I suggest you do the same before you start demolition.” Carla smiled at Mary “Thanks, you need to teach me that whistle someday. Come on Mary let’s cook, sure glad it’s really warm today.”

They kicked off their shoes went down to the lake and jumped in with their muddy clothes on; they twirled around in the water to get the dirt off “This feels great Carla,” Mary said as she came up out of the water.

“Fastest way to get rid of the loose dirt I have ever found Mary,” Carla stated as the two headed back to the patio kitchen area. “What are we going to fix?” “I’ve got some burgers and hot dogs in the freezer and a fresh bag of chips.” “That works.”

After lunch Carla asked, “Craig, before you guys get started with the sledge hammers, should we do some jar harvesting on this side of the house too,” Carla asked. Tim and Craig looked at the girls “Yes that would probably be smart.”

The demolition started and the girls finished the planting areas “Carla after all the fluffing up of this dirt you are going to have a bumper crop of all these plants next spring.” Mary said, “I’ll come up and help transplant, you figure out where.” Carla replied, “Great, plus I’d love a veggie garden Mary. You’re becoming a good friend.”

Between all five of the men, the new garage area was level, staked and ready for the gravel and cement. Hours later Craig offered beers and Cokes for all as they sat on the steps admiring their work.

Grand Old Rose

My Grandmothers both had roses, the one I remember the most was this huge bushy rose. The fragrance was almost over powering. I remember asking a neighbor many years later what her rose bush was, since I brought back many pleasant memories. “Why its an old Rambling Rugosa, we took a start off my Mothers when we bought this house 20 years ago.  Just can’t get rid of them.”  Now you know where this story idea got started in my back yard one early summer day.A little bit of heaven 6.2013 004



“No more digging here in front of the family room, here is the water and sewer lines only use the claw Craig. The garage will be ok over here it’s all above ground. What about your rose bush Craig?” Tim surveyed the area. “Carla, are we moving that big rose bush?” Craig asked.


“Mary call your Dad and see if it will survive a summer move,” Tim asked. Carla turned to Mary with a big smile. “You’re folks have the garden center, that’s why you looked so familiar.”

“Yes and I’m studying to become a Master Gardner as well” Mary said as she dialed and was waiting on the phone. “Business question Dad.” Mary proceeded to tell her father about the rose, “Thanks Dad. He is on his way over with the tree mover. Where do you want it moved to Carla? That’s one of the old rambling roses their indestructible.”

“Howard, scrape this area for the flower bed, but not too deep, I’ve got to mark the power lines.” Tim asked, “Billy help Tommy put all those stepping stones over here.” The markings where placed with a big x where the rose bush could be safely planted, things started to flow smoothly.

“Thanks Mary, I would like to have it here and a trellis for it to climb on, what do you think?” “Perfect Carla,” Mary nodded in agreement. Carla was excited that the rose was to be safe, “Craig, help me get this soil broken up.”

An hour later, the rose bush had a new home. The girls started their flower transplanting leaving space around each plant. “Carla this bush would really be pretty up front by the lake, we can take some of the shoots next spring and fill in that corner by the house and boat house.”

“Mary that was the second choice for it, I remember how well it spreads and shoots coming up in my grandparents yard. It’s a date, I’ll start getting the soil ready before winter,” Carla said “Our part of this job is done.”


Helpful Friends Arrive

Memories of all the friends helping to remodel a lake house and the anticipation of what will the new be like. . .   Mary and Tim’s brother Billy join in with Howard’s teenage son Tommy start helping clear the area, the fun and unexpected events of that stepping stone grows.

Carla showed Craig how to use the ‘claw’ tool so he could dig deeper and check that area for treasure. “Carla, I hear Tim coming with the back hoe, should we have him dig up this area further.” Craig wiped his forehead. “Boy that claw gives you quite a work out.” “Yes Craig, it does!” Carla giggled.

Tim brought his wife Mary with him “Carla, Mary’s here to help you with the transplanting.” Tim unloaded the backhoe, “So are we ready to dig?” Tim asked Craig as they walked the area for the garage. “Tim do you think we should dig down more over here,” Craig asked.

Mary, Tim, and Craig started to laugh, “You sure get into your work don’t you!” Carla stood up covered in mud. “Yep, and I love every minute of it” giving Craig a kiss along with a smear of mud. “Water please, Mr. Jones, you are the cleanest,” Craig looked at her and then his self “Right again, water coming up. Can I get you guys anything?” “Not right now, Craig.”

“Hi Mary, I’ll give you a hug later” Carla said showing off her latest dirt. “I know Carla, I get the same way, hence my wardrobe today. When Tim came back for the back hoe he told me what was going on, so I came along” Mary said putting on her gloves “What’s first?”

Tim was looking at plans when Craig came back out. Billy Smith pulled in the drive followed by Tommy and Howard Awls to help. Tommy & Billy pick up the stepping-stones. Howard paced off the space with Tim and put in the stakes, then started with the backhoe.

Craig, walk the area with Tim to make sure the size was ok, Tim anticipating Craig’s reply, “Tim this seems to be the size of another house, but eventually it will all be used up I’m sure. Hey, while we are cleaning this area out, can we go all the way to the front? I was going to have you guys clear this area out anyway, both sides of the house.”

“Sure Howard change in plans,” Tim hollered out walking to the backhoe.

What is in the garden?

Craig sent Tim back to the drawing board for the garage. Carla realizes before the new garage gets built they had better do some replanting of flowers.  That stepping stone Tim brought has her mind whirling . . .


 “Better to dig this out after a rain than a drought Granny use to say,” Carla exclaimed, with her we do it today look.

Craig walked over to Carla kissed her and gave her a smack on her bottom. “Ok, today we dig for treasure. Better get changed into work clothes, no sense sitting in here, daylight’s wasting!”

“I’ll go get the back hoe and my brother Billy, be back in an hour,” Tim said. “I’ll see if I can mark out where we’ll replant all of this.” Craig said as he called out “Carla, I what do you want to do first. I’m ready.”

“We need an area to move these to.” Carla reached up and gave Craig a kiss “How about all this space here by my office area, with the garage area as the back wall, Craig.” “That sounds like a plan to me Carla.” “Just  start scooping off the sod and pile it over.” Carla looking around, “Put it here, we might be able to use it later.”

“Sure am glad we saved these old tools, they still work ok just look like shit,” Craig lost his train of thought as he felt a mud ball hit his backside. “You know you’re in trouble for that don’t you?”

Craig heard Carla giggle, “Yes sir got your attention didn’t I. Look, all these glass jars that are still in tack. Your Grand Judy planted these jars then the lilies and let them spread all over, it looks like she did some new plants when she had another jar or can full.” Carla said as she asked, “Craig, where should I put the glass jars?” “Let’s just put them on this side of the steps, I’ll get the keg barrel.”