What is in the garden?

Craig sent Tim back to the drawing board for the garage. Carla realizes before the new garage gets built they had better do some replanting of flowers.  That stepping stone Tim brought has her mind whirling . . .


 “Better to dig this out after a rain than a drought Granny use to say,” Carla exclaimed, with her we do it today look.

Craig walked over to Carla kissed her and gave her a smack on her bottom. “Ok, today we dig for treasure. Better get changed into work clothes, no sense sitting in here, daylight’s wasting!”

“I’ll go get the back hoe and my brother Billy, be back in an hour,” Tim said. “I’ll see if I can mark out where we’ll replant all of this.” Craig said as he called out “Carla, I what do you want to do first. I’m ready.”

“We need an area to move these to.” Carla reached up and gave Craig a kiss “How about all this space here by my office area, with the garage area as the back wall, Craig.” “That sounds like a plan to me Carla.” “Just  start scooping off the sod and pile it over.” Carla looking around, “Put it here, we might be able to use it later.”

“Sure am glad we saved these old tools, they still work ok just look like shit,” Craig lost his train of thought as he felt a mud ball hit his backside. “You know you’re in trouble for that don’t you?”

Craig heard Carla giggle, “Yes sir got your attention didn’t I. Look, all these glass jars that are still in tack. Your Grand Judy planted these jars then the lilies and let them spread all over, it looks like she did some new plants when she had another jar or can full.” Carla said as she asked, “Craig, where should I put the glass jars?” “Let’s just put them on this side of the steps, I’ll get the keg barrel.”



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