Helpful Friends Arrive

Memories of all the friends helping to remodel a lake house and the anticipation of what will the new be like. . .   Mary and Tim’s brother Billy join in with Howard’s teenage son Tommy start helping clear the area, the fun and unexpected events of that stepping stone grows.

Carla showed Craig how to use the ‘claw’ tool so he could dig deeper and check that area for treasure. “Carla, I hear Tim coming with the back hoe, should we have him dig up this area further.” Craig wiped his forehead. “Boy that claw gives you quite a work out.” “Yes Craig, it does!” Carla giggled.

Tim brought his wife Mary with him “Carla, Mary’s here to help you with the transplanting.” Tim unloaded the backhoe, “So are we ready to dig?” Tim asked Craig as they walked the area for the garage. “Tim do you think we should dig down more over here,” Craig asked.

Mary, Tim, and Craig started to laugh, “You sure get into your work don’t you!” Carla stood up covered in mud. “Yep, and I love every minute of it” giving Craig a kiss along with a smear of mud. “Water please, Mr. Jones, you are the cleanest,” Craig looked at her and then his self “Right again, water coming up. Can I get you guys anything?” “Not right now, Craig.”

“Hi Mary, I’ll give you a hug later” Carla said showing off her latest dirt. “I know Carla, I get the same way, hence my wardrobe today. When Tim came back for the back hoe he told me what was going on, so I came along” Mary said putting on her gloves “What’s first?”

Tim was looking at plans when Craig came back out. Billy Smith pulled in the drive followed by Tommy and Howard Awls to help. Tommy & Billy pick up the stepping-stones. Howard paced off the space with Tim and put in the stakes, then started with the backhoe.

Craig, walk the area with Tim to make sure the size was ok, Tim anticipating Craig’s reply, “Tim this seems to be the size of another house, but eventually it will all be used up I’m sure. Hey, while we are cleaning this area out, can we go all the way to the front? I was going to have you guys clear this area out anyway, both sides of the house.”

“Sure Howard change in plans,” Tim hollered out walking to the backhoe.

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