Grand Old Rose

My Grandmothers both had roses, the one I remember the most was this huge bushy rose. The fragrance was almost over powering. I remember asking a neighbor many years later what her rose bush was, since I brought back many pleasant memories. “Why its an old Rambling Rugosa, we took a start off my Mothers when we bought this house 20 years ago.  Just can’t get rid of them.”  Now you know where this story idea got started in my back yard one early summer day.A little bit of heaven 6.2013 004



“No more digging here in front of the family room, here is the water and sewer lines only use the claw Craig. The garage will be ok over here it’s all above ground. What about your rose bush Craig?” Tim surveyed the area. “Carla, are we moving that big rose bush?” Craig asked.


“Mary call your Dad and see if it will survive a summer move,” Tim asked. Carla turned to Mary with a big smile. “You’re folks have the garden center, that’s why you looked so familiar.”

“Yes and I’m studying to become a Master Gardner as well” Mary said as she dialed and was waiting on the phone. “Business question Dad.” Mary proceeded to tell her father about the rose, “Thanks Dad. He is on his way over with the tree mover. Where do you want it moved to Carla? That’s one of the old rambling roses their indestructible.”

“Howard, scrape this area for the flower bed, but not too deep, I’ve got to mark the power lines.” Tim asked, “Billy help Tommy put all those stepping stones over here.” The markings where placed with a big x where the rose bush could be safely planted, things started to flow smoothly.

“Thanks Mary, I would like to have it here and a trellis for it to climb on, what do you think?” “Perfect Carla,” Mary nodded in agreement. Carla was excited that the rose was to be safe, “Craig, help me get this soil broken up.”

An hour later, the rose bush had a new home. The girls started their flower transplanting leaving space around each plant. “Carla this bush would really be pretty up front by the lake, we can take some of the shoots next spring and fill in that corner by the house and boat house.”

“Mary that was the second choice for it, I remember how well it spreads and shoots coming up in my grandparents yard. It’s a date, I’ll start getting the soil ready before winter,” Carla said “Our part of this job is done.”


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