Strange Hiding Places

           We are always being surprised by the odd and yet ingenious ways our parents had of hiding things from us. . . like Christmas presents in the basement crawl space.  The recent remodel of the house had provided this sand filled crawl space that went back a few feet and turned into this big empty space under the master bedroom. Now I don’t remember why I crawled in there, but I did.      I think the memory of finding that stash was what got my creative juices going on this next discover in the garden that day. 

“Mary let’s get some lunch going,” Carla said standing up, stretching and dusting off the dirt. “Carla, please come here,” Craig yelled. “Well maybe we’re not done let’s see what they have found now!” Carla said to Mary as they came around the corner of the house to see Craig and Tim on their knees with the two statues. Mary and Carla just laughed.


“What are you doing to those angels? That looks like a ham on the base.” Carla said looking over at Mary “That’s the kind my granny use to buy.” “Well ladies, this is one very expensive ham!” Craig said, taking the duct tape off the top. “Grand Judy’s secret stash, there must be over a hundred Peace Dollar’s in here.” “The can had been secured with foil and duck taped then attached with cement. I’m guessing the smaller one is the same way,” Craig explained as he stood up.

“Carla I’m getting hungry,” Craig said. Mary let out a sharp whistle, “Guys we’re going to clean up and start burgers and hot dogs I suggest you do the same before you start demolition.” Carla smiled at Mary “Thanks, you need to teach me that whistle someday. Come on Mary let’s cook, sure glad it’s really warm today.”

They kicked off their shoes went down to the lake and jumped in with their muddy clothes on; they twirled around in the water to get the dirt off “This feels great Carla,” Mary said as she came up out of the water.

“Fastest way to get rid of the loose dirt I have ever found Mary,” Carla stated as the two headed back to the patio kitchen area. “What are we going to fix?” “I’ve got some burgers and hot dogs in the freezer and a fresh bag of chips.” “That works.”

After lunch Carla asked, “Craig, before you guys get started with the sledge hammers, should we do some jar harvesting on this side of the house too,” Carla asked. Tim and Craig looked at the girls “Yes that would probably be smart.”

The demolition started and the girls finished the planting areas “Carla after all the fluffing up of this dirt you are going to have a bumper crop of all these plants next spring.” Mary said, “I’ll come up and help transplant, you figure out where.” Carla replied, “Great, plus I’d love a veggie garden Mary. You’re becoming a good friend.”

Between all five of the men, the new garage area was level, staked and ready for the gravel and cement. Hours later Craig offered beers and Cokes for all as they sat on the steps admiring their work.

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