Remember all those fun days of playing in the mud as a child then running into the sprinkler to get it all off you so you wouldn’t get in trouble… Well I do and that’s how this day ends for Craig, Carla and all of their friends who helped.

Mud was the dominate attire, Mary let out another whistle as Craig announced, “Last one in the lake buys dinner!” Wallets and keys flew in the doorway as they made a dash down the steps and at the end of the pier “Cannonball” echoed through the cove.

Carla called in for a pizza delivery and handed Mary some towels, grabbed some snacks. Someone hollered, “Carla has to buy, she jumped in last!” as Carla kicked off her shoes, diving in the lake.

“At least we’re putting some of this mud back in Blackston, what’s for dinner Carla?” “Pizza” Carla yelled out as she swam out farther till, Craig grabbed her by the legs “AH!” “Gotcha,” Craig smiled, “Thought you could get away did you.”

Carla grinned, “You’re in trouble now. The pizza delivery guy has to swim out to get paid.” Carla pointed to the top of the stairs. “Got it Carla” Howard got out and headed upstairs.

“Sorry about that Howard, how much do we owe you? The pizzas didn’t take long at all today.” Craig asked as Carla said “26 + tip.” “Craig it was the standard 20 minutes, you just got carried away trying to catch your wife,” Howard laughed as he ate his pizza.

“Thanks for the Pizza but we gotta get home to the kids” Mary said as she put her shoes back on. “Here take this cheese home for the kids dinner, I ordered one too many.” Carla said handing Tim the pizza, “Thanks Carla, see you all tomorrow.”

Centerville Police & Forensic never showed up that day. That night was an early one all the muscles ached! The whirlpool came to the rescue once again. The Joneses fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.


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