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There are times were it feels like everything in your world is loud, so loud you can’t think. Trucks, backhoes, hammers, add a light fog or rain and it’s amplified. I can say been there and done that, living by two railroad crossings which go through the small town, blowing their whistle at odd hours of the night and drag racing. . .  I won’t say any more let’s see how Craig and Carla handle that.

Wednesday’s 10 AM tee-time in La Porte had them off at dawn, before Tim arrived. Stopping for breakfast, they made their tee time at Briar Leaf for 18 holes of golf and an enjoyable lunch at Portofino’s before heading home. “It’s been a perfect day for golf and the quiet was worth the drive. You know Carla we could play somewhere closer to home, but I’m starting to like this course really well. Think it’s the countryside.”

“Tomorrow may be noisy too Craig, do we need to go somewhere?” Carla giggled as Craig started to laugh, “I’ll let you know where we’re going when I wake up. We may be playing golf or walking on a beach. We’ll see what the day brings, but for now I would like something real sweet and spicy!”

Craig pulled Carla into a hug and dipped her back with a deep kiss “Ooh my . . .”

Thursday the fencing was put in and required Craig’s attention and at times, so did the garage construction. Silence was non-existent between the builders and fencing people, it was like the madhouse they endured during the passageway treasure hunt months ago. Carla made a special lunch with warm brownies to soothe the frayed edges.

“Can we run away for a few minutes Craig, I need silence?” “Yes my dear,” they ran down the road Craig started to laugh shaking his head. “Honey only silence we’re going to get is after 5 when they shut that post hole digger off, we’re almost a 1/2 mile down the road and I still hear it.”

“Ok so tonight only wine, a crackling fire, and my boyfriend, you know the crazy and insatiable one!” “Miss Sharp, what are you suggesting?”

Friday, they hit a driving range to help rid them of their frustrations of the past few week events and then off to the drive-in for their last summer burger and milkshake. “Carla did I tell you about Marcus’s call?”

“No, but I saw the note on the fridge about Saturday. Is that what Marcus called about?”

“Yes their coming for the reception and to take care of some other things, I offered to pick them up at O’Hare.” “Great that’ll give us a break from our ho-hum week,” Carla giggled.


Surprise Phone Call

   Ever wonder what happened to a dear friend?  A phone rings and suddenly doubts disappear as you smile and feel silly for ever doubting that friendship.

Tuesday begins for the newlyweds with H&A Security showing up at 8 AM, by 9 the Drapery Co. also arrived, plus the backhoes and saws where all in use. “Craig can we go somewhere quiet tomorrow, like Briar Leaf or Swan Lake . . . this noise is deafening!” Carla declared holding her hands over her ears. “Yes Carla, tomorrow we golf.” Craig called and got a tee-time for 10 AM at Briar Leaf.

Blackie and the Centerville Police & Forensic showed up about 10. Their work only took them under an hour to dust for fingerprints on the jewelry chest, the prints where already on file for Carla and Craig.

Craig’s cell phone rang around noon. “Marcus this is a pleasant surprise.”

“Craig we are coming up for your reception and will be opening up my place, I need a ride from O’Hare, wondered if you and your lovely bride would care to pick us up.”

Marcus asked as Craig agreed, “Sure when are you coming in?”

“Actually this Saturday, Delta Flight 2129 from Miami. We’re scheduled to arrive at 2:30 PM. I was talking to Allan yesterday and he said you’ve been having some problems Craig.”

“Yes a little Marcus, but the security is being installed today and that should make it safer around here.”

“We’ll see you Saturday then.”

“We’ll be there, see you then Marcus.” Craig smiled—his friend was coming home.

The noise was all worth it, the sheer draperies where up and closed and the alarm was set. “Sorry that I dropped the ball on the security honey.” “It’s all fixed now my love.” Carla curled up in Craig’s arms, on the sofa in front of the fireplace, “Sleep will be peaceful and unthreatening once again” Craig whispered in her ear as he nibbled on her neck. “Hmm . . .”