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How many times have you gotten caught acting silly in a store with your friend or mate?  See how that early morning wine affects Carla…

“Mr. Jones, I was just trying out my new camera with Mrs. Jones, see, look Dad.” Tommy showed his pictures to Craig, “These are really good Tommy, you’re invited to dinner tonight, I want pictures of our party, ok?” “May I Dad,” Tommy asked. “Sure, you need to practice with this camera.” “Come on Tommy we need to get your other supplies and get all this home. Craig, see you tonight.”

…  Craig took her hand and started pushing the car as he whispered in her ear, “Carla my lovely, let’s get our shopping finished, I have plans for you.” “Ok, that a promise?” Carla smiled and licked her lips at Craig saying, “We need dessert and artisan bread, steaks we’ll need 12 or . . . flank steak Craig, which one?”

Craig turned her around and gave her that glare that she was being a bit of a pain. “Okee dokee” Carla hiccupped and weaved a little, Craig shook his head. “I’ll stick to the plan, get 12 steaks Craig. I’ll put this big chocolate cake back and get the carrot, sorry.”

On the way home, Carla apologized, “I’m sorry for being blonde and tipsy in the store I shouldn’t have had that wine this morning Craig.” “Carla that’s ok, when we get this put away you may find out Jonesy is in town. But we’re eating this chicken salad first and having some coffee before we have any more wine.”

Carla ran around with the duster, making last minute cleanups here and there for the company that would be coming for the night, making sure there were towels in each bathroom. She turned around to run smack into Craig who had been watching her “How’s my Carly doing?”


 I can tell you that 10 AM wine isn’t necessarily a good thing for me, need to wait past 12. Anyway it was interesting, now let’s see what Carla’s results are.

Inside Costco, Craig was pushing the cart to the back for the wine “Carla, should we get Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Bordeaux, or Cabernet Sauvignon? Now where’d she go, oh hell we’ll drink them?” Craig was looking for his wife. He heard her giggle and turned the corner. “Howard still shopping I see.”

“Actually yes, Tommy’s got Carla over there, trying out his new camera!” Howard shook his head “She’s mighty perky for a Saturday morning Craig?”

“Yes, she is! Got excited about the first dinner party and she’s at least one up on me already” Craig shook his head, as Howard gave his sinister look “Really!”

“How about Tommy” Craig asked Howard. “Raging hormones this morning, got to have a talk with him.” “He’s how old Howard?” “He’s  16 going on 26! I’m sort of excited about the dinner party too, Nichole accepted my invite, and the one for your reception already, Carla knows her, works for Dr. M.”

“Looks like we’ll have plenty to drink, are we having anything else Craig?” Howard was laughing as he looked in the cart. “Yes, if I can get the raging hormones away from my wife. I bet Tommy reminds her of her brother Charlie. Tommy is getting some big sister affection Howard. I know how to get their attention.

Tommy Awls, what are you up to?” Craig said pulling his cart up close to Carla.



Silly Carla

    Ever have one of those days when you feel silly and start out pushing all the past few days out of your mind and grab a bottle of wine.  Thought has crossed my mind this morning as the rain pours … but let’s see what Carla gets into planning a party.

Craig had an idea after he talked to Howard, “Let’s just have a PJ Party, ask Allan and Mary Kate, and have Marcus and Maureen spend the night. I already asked Howard and his gal for dinner on the patio tonight. Our first big dinner party started off right with our true friends let’s have your Suzy Q potatoes, salad and steaks” Craig exclaimed with a big grin on his face.

“Yes that would be fun, carrot cake or brownies or would you rather have apple pie slices. Oh you better get a couple boxes of wine and we’ll need some appetizers—how about veggies and shrimp cocktail?” Carla was smiling and writing out her menu.

Craig grabbed his phone hit redial “Howard. Marcus is coming in this weekend. Weather is supposed to be great, thought about a cookout with my best buds & their ladies tonight, say 5-6 PM. Have a fun bonding day Howard.”

“Thanks Craig, I’ll call Nichole, we will see you later.”

She poured herself a glass of wine as she called Mary Kate. “Ok Craig, Howard’s on board and Mary Kate said they’ll be here with their jammies.” Carla exclaimed as she grabbed the wine bottle to pour another glass of wine. “Oops bottle is empty, want to share Craig?”

“Carla Marie Jones, we have to pick up groceries and Marcus and Maureen! The party idea sure got you energized in a hurry! We need to go to Costco, now drink this coffee. You can have all the wine you want later, you silly girl.” Craig just shook his head.

Carla rubbed up against Craig and planted a slobbering kiss. “Then we better get a quickie now, so we can get back here and have some more wine Craig.” Carla was really feeling that wine. She was as giddy as a school girl.

Craig just shook his head. “Carla I’m driving you’ve started drinking and it’s not even 10 AM, what’s up? Is something wrong honey?” “Nope, just felt like wine today, and its 5 O’clock somewhere” she kissed his cheek, “Carla out the door now please.”

What’s up at Howard’s

Sorry for leaving you hanging … moving took over.  But the good news is I’m settled and only have to get the Goodwill boxes and recycling done. So I decided now that the desk is organized that I should get back to Blackston Lake and see what Craig and Carla are doing.

   When we last visited the newlyweds they were avoiding all the noise of construction and they got a surprise call from Craig’s childhood friend Marcus who was coming home and needed a ride from the airport. Let’s see what’s happening with the rest of the group from Awlsport.

Saturday morning at the Tudor, Howard knocked on Tommy’s bedroom door. “Tommy Anwhill Awls rise and shine buddy,” Howard said. “Hmm looks like it’s time for a talk, Tommy photography awaits!” “Yes sir, I’m up, be down in a few,” Tommy hit the shower. Howard started breakfast when he heard the water, thinking Tommy is going to be so surprised.

“Morning Dad” Tommy gave his father a peck on his cheek. “It’s really early Dad, what’s up?” As Tommy downed the glass of orange juice asking, “Enough coffee left for me to get a cup Dad?” Howard looked with a smile “You want coffee, since when Tommy?” “Last couple of weeks these early wake up calls, think I need a razor as well.” Tommy yawned, running his hand over his chin, as Howard handed him a cup of coffee. “Here you go this is pretty strong, want milk or sugar?” “Nope that makes it too sweet for my sophisticated taste!” Tommy just grinned at his Dad.

The phone rang “Morning Howard is Tommy up?” Craig asked, “Yes, Tommy it’s for you.” Howard handed his son the phone. “This is Tommy.”

“Craig Jones, Tommy. You know we have our wedding reception next weekend, and I would like to hire you as our photographer.” Craig said waiting patiently for the teen to let the excitement happen. “Really, cool I can do that for you, where and what time, what type of photos. Oh, sorry, I need to sound  professional. Mr. Jones, you’re my first paying customer!” Tommy was on his feet pacing the kitchen, pen and paper in his hand. Howard was beaming, thinking this is going to be a fun day for us, Tommy.

“Tommy, Mrs. Jones will call you later with all the details and special things she wants. How much is each print and what is your fee for the day? Just let Mrs. Jones know Monday, ok Tommy?” Craig could care less what the rate was because the kid took fabulous photos and was going places with his love of the lens. Craig thought Tommy is just like his Dad. “May I speak with your Dad now?” “Oh sure Mr. Jones I’ll call Monday.”

Howard took the phone, “So Howard, I told him I need daily fees as well as per print fees. Be  prepared for questions my friend,” Craig said. “I know, and I discovered some other things this morning as well, have to go shopping today. I’ll only be accessible by mobile phone today if you need me Craig.” Craig hung up.

“Ok Tommy, let’s get this kitchen cleaned up and go shopping at Costco.” “Shopping Dad” Tommy said with distaste. “Yep you need gear, school supplies, clothes and a razor.” Howard stated then waited for the light bulb to go off, “Oh yeah, now I understand the early wake ups. School’s 2 weeks away.”

“Costco Dad, really they’re not going to have cool clothes,” Tommy quibbled with an unhappy look that Howard saw before. The fatherly voice stated, “You might be right, let’s check the electronics department first.” Tommy smiled then and said “Oh yeah GEAR” “Yes Tommy camera, printer, computer, inks, paper, San disk, CD’s, need I say anything more?”

“No sir, I’m up to speed, a new camera first please?” Tommy was all smiles when he asked. He had the serious look all the Awls have when the mind is churning. Deep inside Howard’s pride was tugging at his heart, as he thought, Anna our son, is becoming a man, a very fine young man!