What’s up at Howard’s

Sorry for leaving you hanging … moving took over.  But the good news is I’m settled and only have to get the Goodwill boxes and recycling done. So I decided now that the desk is organized that I should get back to Blackston Lake and see what Craig and Carla are doing.

   When we last visited the newlyweds they were avoiding all the noise of construction and they got a surprise call from Craig’s childhood friend Marcus who was coming home and needed a ride from the airport. Let’s see what’s happening with the rest of the group from Awlsport.

Saturday morning at the Tudor, Howard knocked on Tommy’s bedroom door. “Tommy Anwhill Awls rise and shine buddy,” Howard said. “Hmm looks like it’s time for a talk, Tommy photography awaits!” “Yes sir, I’m up, be down in a few,” Tommy hit the shower. Howard started breakfast when he heard the water, thinking Tommy is going to be so surprised.

“Morning Dad” Tommy gave his father a peck on his cheek. “It’s really early Dad, what’s up?” As Tommy downed the glass of orange juice asking, “Enough coffee left for me to get a cup Dad?” Howard looked with a smile “You want coffee, since when Tommy?” “Last couple of weeks these early wake up calls, think I need a razor as well.” Tommy yawned, running his hand over his chin, as Howard handed him a cup of coffee. “Here you go this is pretty strong, want milk or sugar?” “Nope that makes it too sweet for my sophisticated taste!” Tommy just grinned at his Dad.

The phone rang “Morning Howard is Tommy up?” Craig asked, “Yes, Tommy it’s for you.” Howard handed his son the phone. “This is Tommy.”

“Craig Jones, Tommy. You know we have our wedding reception next weekend, and I would like to hire you as our photographer.” Craig said waiting patiently for the teen to let the excitement happen. “Really, cool I can do that for you, where and what time, what type of photos. Oh, sorry, I need to sound  professional. Mr. Jones, you’re my first paying customer!” Tommy was on his feet pacing the kitchen, pen and paper in his hand. Howard was beaming, thinking this is going to be a fun day for us, Tommy.

“Tommy, Mrs. Jones will call you later with all the details and special things she wants. How much is each print and what is your fee for the day? Just let Mrs. Jones know Monday, ok Tommy?” Craig could care less what the rate was because the kid took fabulous photos and was going places with his love of the lens. Craig thought Tommy is just like his Dad. “May I speak with your Dad now?” “Oh sure Mr. Jones I’ll call Monday.”

Howard took the phone, “So Howard, I told him I need daily fees as well as per print fees. Be  prepared for questions my friend,” Craig said. “I know, and I discovered some other things this morning as well, have to go shopping today. I’ll only be accessible by mobile phone today if you need me Craig.” Craig hung up.

“Ok Tommy, let’s get this kitchen cleaned up and go shopping at Costco.” “Shopping Dad” Tommy said with distaste. “Yep you need gear, school supplies, clothes and a razor.” Howard stated then waited for the light bulb to go off, “Oh yeah, now I understand the early wake ups. School’s 2 weeks away.”

“Costco Dad, really they’re not going to have cool clothes,” Tommy quibbled with an unhappy look that Howard saw before. The fatherly voice stated, “You might be right, let’s check the electronics department first.” Tommy smiled then and said “Oh yeah GEAR” “Yes Tommy camera, printer, computer, inks, paper, San disk, CD’s, need I say anything more?”

“No sir, I’m up to speed, a new camera first please?” Tommy was all smiles when he asked. He had the serious look all the Awls have when the mind is churning. Deep inside Howard’s pride was tugging at his heart, as he thought, Anna our son, is becoming a man, a very fine young man!

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