Silly Carla

    Ever have one of those days when you feel silly and start out pushing all the past few days out of your mind and grab a bottle of wine.  Thought has crossed my mind this morning as the rain pours … but let’s see what Carla gets into planning a party.

Craig had an idea after he talked to Howard, “Let’s just have a PJ Party, ask Allan and Mary Kate, and have Marcus and Maureen spend the night. I already asked Howard and his gal for dinner on the patio tonight. Our first big dinner party started off right with our true friends let’s have your Suzy Q potatoes, salad and steaks” Craig exclaimed with a big grin on his face.

“Yes that would be fun, carrot cake or brownies or would you rather have apple pie slices. Oh you better get a couple boxes of wine and we’ll need some appetizers—how about veggies and shrimp cocktail?” Carla was smiling and writing out her menu.

Craig grabbed his phone hit redial “Howard. Marcus is coming in this weekend. Weather is supposed to be great, thought about a cookout with my best buds & their ladies tonight, say 5-6 PM. Have a fun bonding day Howard.”

“Thanks Craig, I’ll call Nichole, we will see you later.”

She poured herself a glass of wine as she called Mary Kate. “Ok Craig, Howard’s on board and Mary Kate said they’ll be here with their jammies.” Carla exclaimed as she grabbed the wine bottle to pour another glass of wine. “Oops bottle is empty, want to share Craig?”

“Carla Marie Jones, we have to pick up groceries and Marcus and Maureen! The party idea sure got you energized in a hurry! We need to go to Costco, now drink this coffee. You can have all the wine you want later, you silly girl.” Craig just shook his head.

Carla rubbed up against Craig and planted a slobbering kiss. “Then we better get a quickie now, so we can get back here and have some more wine Craig.” Carla was really feeling that wine. She was as giddy as a school girl.

Craig just shook his head. “Carla I’m driving you’ve started drinking and it’s not even 10 AM, what’s up? Is something wrong honey?” “Nope, just felt like wine today, and its 5 O’clock somewhere” she kissed his cheek, “Carla out the door now please.”

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