I can tell you that 10 AM wine isn’t necessarily a good thing for me, need to wait past 12. Anyway it was interesting, now let’s see what Carla’s results are.

Inside Costco, Craig was pushing the cart to the back for the wine “Carla, should we get Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Bordeaux, or Cabernet Sauvignon? Now where’d she go, oh hell we’ll drink them?” Craig was looking for his wife. He heard her giggle and turned the corner. “Howard still shopping I see.”

“Actually yes, Tommy’s got Carla over there, trying out his new camera!” Howard shook his head “She’s mighty perky for a Saturday morning Craig?”

“Yes, she is! Got excited about the first dinner party and she’s at least one up on me already” Craig shook his head, as Howard gave his sinister look “Really!”

“How about Tommy” Craig asked Howard. “Raging hormones this morning, got to have a talk with him.” “He’s how old Howard?” “He’s  16 going on 26! I’m sort of excited about the dinner party too, Nichole accepted my invite, and the one for your reception already, Carla knows her, works for Dr. M.”

“Looks like we’ll have plenty to drink, are we having anything else Craig?” Howard was laughing as he looked in the cart. “Yes, if I can get the raging hormones away from my wife. I bet Tommy reminds her of her brother Charlie. Tommy is getting some big sister affection Howard. I know how to get their attention.

Tommy Awls, what are you up to?” Craig said pulling his cart up close to Carla.



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