How many times have you gotten caught acting silly in a store with your friend or mate?  See how that early morning wine affects Carla…

“Mr. Jones, I was just trying out my new camera with Mrs. Jones, see, look Dad.” Tommy showed his pictures to Craig, “These are really good Tommy, you’re invited to dinner tonight, I want pictures of our party, ok?” “May I Dad,” Tommy asked. “Sure, you need to practice with this camera.” “Come on Tommy we need to get your other supplies and get all this home. Craig, see you tonight.”

…  Craig took her hand and started pushing the car as he whispered in her ear, “Carla my lovely, let’s get our shopping finished, I have plans for you.” “Ok, that a promise?” Carla smiled and licked her lips at Craig saying, “We need dessert and artisan bread, steaks we’ll need 12 or . . . flank steak Craig, which one?”

Craig turned her around and gave her that glare that she was being a bit of a pain. “Okee dokee” Carla hiccupped and weaved a little, Craig shook his head. “I’ll stick to the plan, get 12 steaks Craig. I’ll put this big chocolate cake back and get the carrot, sorry.”

On the way home, Carla apologized, “I’m sorry for being blonde and tipsy in the store I shouldn’t have had that wine this morning Craig.” “Carla that’s ok, when we get this put away you may find out Jonesy is in town. But we’re eating this chicken salad first and having some coffee before we have any more wine.”

Carla ran around with the duster, making last minute cleanups here and there for the company that would be coming for the night, making sure there were towels in each bathroom. She turned around to run smack into Craig who had been watching her “How’s my Carly doing?”

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