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Now who’s the tipsy one?

        So let’s see how the party is progressing, everyone is in the lake, and the party is still going on and the wine is flowing. Anyone remember the fun beach parties … let’s have another glass of wine and see how things are a Craig’s Place?

Allan commented “Hey Craig, where’s your boat, we use to go skiing all the time. Wonder if I could still get this body up on skis.” “Well Allan she’s in dry dock, being trying to get the Mahogany Babe seaworthy,” Craig said.

“Yeah buddy and it’s not looking too promising at this time Craig, sorry” Howard admitted shaking his head as he put his arm across Craig’s shoulders. “So it’s that bad then, we haven’t really talked about it since we got home. We’ll talk later on that Howard.” Craig said shaking his head, thinking ouch how much would that cost now.

Carla thought how interesting it was that everyone got along and seemed to be the same, the only difference was the height and muscles. Allan had a muscular build in the chest, back, arms and abs. Marcus was just muscles everywhere. Howard on the other hand was the tallest about 6’4 and his muscles put the other men to shame, even Marcus did not have those arms, which undoubtedly came from the sledgehammer and iron he would sling when he is working.

“Penny for your thoughts Carla,” Nichole said. “Oops sorry I was just thinking about all the men that have come into my life in the past 6 months. Those 4 have been friends for a long time, and from the back, if you just looked at the heads they all seem the same,” Carla commented.

“Ah, sea monster” Carla hollered and started swimming but Craig caught her in his arms pulling her up to his chest. “Were you headed little mermaid? We have company but out here I can play a little, miss you.”

“Oh you know I don’t think I remember. I was lost in Blackston Lake looking for a resting place to put my tail.” Carla laughed as Craig just shook his head and said. “Well I just happen to know the perfect place, but we do have a lot of company and we better get back to entertaining. I’ll find a place to rest your tail later, if the gator doesn’t get you first” he licked his lips and kissed her, “Come my dear, we must entertain.”

When they turned around everyone was watching them out by the Jetty, laughing, Howard hollered. “Hey you two are you coming back to land, or should we send out the lifeboat? Oh I forget that you don’t have one do you.”

“Be right there Howard, need some more fermented fruit juice” Craig hollered as he took Carla’s hand “Race you.”

Back on the seawall deck, everyone was drying off or dancing to the music. Allan had taken Mary Kate over on the beach dancing and had her in an embrace. Craig motioned to Carla and whispered, “He’s got the same bug as Marcus does now.” “Yes and I’m so glad it’s with my best friend my husband, I need a glass of wine please” She replied with a little kiss on the cheek . . .

Nichole walked up to Carla, “This is the first time I’ve seen Howard without his shirt. Ouch!” “Why Nichole my, oh my, you are blushing my friend.” Carla giggled, which brought a blush to Nichole “Must be the wine.” “Ok we can go with that.”

Craig put on more music and everyone was dancing on the patio and drinking their wine. Between the food, wine, water and dancing it was a perfect evening, complete with the big white house across the lake setting off fireworks. The wine was soon history everyone was mellow and happy, Howard sent Tommy home at 10:00.

“Carla we’re staying tonight if you have extra room,” Nichole asked. “Sure only its twin beds.” “That’s ok.” “I’ll get you a gown.” “Thanks Carla.”

“Hi partner, I’m staying buddy, this wine was way too good.” Howard was a little tipsy. “This is a first Howard, separate sleeping quarters or the same room.” “Same room I understand with separate beds got any big sweats.” “Come on with me, they may be a little short, oh wait I have just the thing for you Howard, see if these fit.” “Perfect, Craig thanks.”

“Carla you ok honey?” “Yes” “Where are you going Craig?” “I’m locking up, be right back?” Craig crawled in bed “OK, Good party Mrs. Jones, 100 percent occupancy and all lights out.” “This was a great idea Mr. Jones” Carla yawned, “Sleepy head, I have a promise to keep from this morning.” “Ooh . . . it’s the sea monster . . .”




You’re Invited

Waking up to 8 degrees made me shiver, after a cup of coffee I thought today would be great for a party at Blackston Lake in the summer… Smile, warm up your hands and journey to Craig’s Place with me …


The ride back to Craig’s Place allowed Carla a chance to think to herself. Marcus, about my height but, ohmigod the muscles he has I think his arms are actually bigger than Howard’s he has a sweet smile and really blonde hair and bluish green eyes. Maureen’s red hair with the strawberry blonde highlights is beautiful, eyes of emerald green and a little shorter and built like me. They are a nice couple!

“Carla” Craig said softly “Focus Honey,” Craig touched her hand “Oh sorry, I was lost in party planning, sorry folks.”

“Oh I remember this drive so well. Craig I’m putting the window down I want to smell the Indiana air again,” Marcus said. “Me too Marc, it’s been a really long time, gosh five years at least since I’ve been back to the area.”  “I’ll get you home tomorrow night Mo, then you can see Pops, ok.” “Thanks Marc.”

“We’re here folks,” Craig said. “Construction is still in progress on the garage. Come on in, welcome to Craig’s Place!” Carla said as Craig and Marcus brought in the luggage “Which room Carla?” “Lakefront” “Follow me please folks,” Craig said with a smile as he grabbed the bags.

“Carla you two sound like innkeepers” Maureen giggled. “Actually we’ve had a few overnight stays. The first one was an invasion of the Corps Group from an impromptu reunion one Sunday night. Just make yourself at home and come on down after you get settled, wines chilling.” Carla smiled.

The doorbell chimed. “Allan and Mary Kate are here,” Carla said using the new intercom as she opened the door giving them both big hugs. Everyone came in from the patio to greet them. They were all talking in the kitchen when Howard and Nichole pulled up followed by Tommy.

Tommy went into action, “What type of photos do you want Mrs. J?” Carla explained “Candid mainly and several of the couples, ok?” “Yes Mrs. J, thanks for this opportunity and the dinner.” “Oh I have coke for you out on the patio in the fridge Tommy.”

Appetizers and wine flowed, the music was perfect, guests the best, and the weather was warm and sunny. Tommy was everywhere, taking close ups and action shots of the dancing, joking and the ones of the men trying to cook were hilarious.

After dinner, everyone was commenting on what a warm night it was and how inviting the water looked. “Well, if you don’t have a suit I’m sure we can find something for everyone to put on and take a dip.” “Sure sounds good to me,” Mary Kate was the first one to speak up and all the women headed upstairs for their suits, “I could use some shorts and a t-shirt,” Nichole asked. “That I can do follow me” Carla pointed up the stairs. Howard was the only one that was without a suit so he followed Craig upstairs and they found a big pair of trunks that worked.

“Charge” rang out as the men went down the steps and on to the pier. The gals all shook their heads. “They never grow up do they?” Maureen commented and started to giggle.

“Think you’re right girlfriend, neither do we, let’s go have some fun ‘cannonball’,” Maureen shouted as she grabbed Mary Kate’s arm and ran down the pier. Carla took Nichole’s hand “We better follow the leader” running behind the other two gals and jumped in the lake.

The whole party was now in the water with the exception of Tommy who was taking photos.


Welcome Home

Kept you hanging too long. New job took me away from Blackston Lake, but I’m back and introducing you to two new characters today. Marcus and Craig grew up together and now you get to meet him and his tantalizing fiancé ..

“She’s just fine. Haven’t I seen you some where before, playing football perhaps,” Carla threw the nerf football at him and lunged at him, pushing him into their bedroom until he was at the bed, “tackled,” she pulled out the duster from her back pocket and started to tickle him.

“Carla, you have exactly 1 hour to get ready for the airport, now you better scoot.” “Yes sir!” The BMW was waiting at the front door as Carla came down the stairs, “I’m ready.” “Well let’s get on the road then, you look very pretty Carla,” Craig kissed her and gave her a hug “I’m not mad about earlier today, ok.” “Yes Craig.”

O’Hare Airport was busy as always, they arrived an hour early and waited by the concourse entrance to greet Marcus and Maureen. “Craig we didn’t talk about Marcus!” Carla questioned Craig.

“Carla he is in the class with Allan and Howard, we’ll talk later ok. How are you feeling?” Craig inquired giving her had a squeeze she replied. “Craig I’m fine now, I’m sorry about earlier I don’t know what got into me this morning.”

“Craig Jones,” Craig turned around “Marcus you look great, nice tan. Marcus this is my bride Carla, this is Marcus Orlofsky.” Marcus kissed Carla’s hand and said, “This lovely lady is Maureen, soon to be my bride!” Craig kissed her hand “Well it sounds like a celebration is in store” Craig and Marcus walked away.

“Well Maureen, looks like we are going to have to remind our men were here” Carla giggled as Maureen joined in “Watch this. So where do all the sailors hang out Carla, think we can find some close by?”

“Oops, follow my lead Marcus,” Craig said as the guys stopped and turned around. “Hey don’t I know you from somewhere little girl?” “Why you might” Carla wiggled up to Marcus. “Oh you have some nice muscles.”

“Carla Marie Sharp, are you flirting with this man, the coach won’t let us break camp!” “Jonesy but she’s so cute, you take the redhead, and I love blondes.” The couples laughed.

“Ok ladies, sorry we’ll behave, can we buy you a drink” Marcus asked smiling. “That’s much better you big oaf.” Maureen was giggling as she smacked him.

“Oh we’re going to get along really well, Maureen” Carla put her arm around her. “Yes Carla, we’re going to be good friends I can tell.” Carla whispered something and Maureen laughed nodding her head yes. Craig and Marcus were kissed but not by their girls, as they took the others arm into the bar.

“I believe you two said you we’re buying.” “Marcus we’re in trouble,” Craig laughed as Marcus said, “Yes sir, I believe we are, but I can handle this type of trouble just fine!”

“Me too,” Craig agreed. “By the way you two are staying with us for our first dinner and pajama party, Mary Kate and Allan will be coming down. Howard and Nichole will be there and Craig hired a professional photographer for tonight.” Carla exclaimed as she took another sip of wine.

“Guess we had better just make this one our last and head down the road. I can’t wait to see what you did with the House on the Hill Craig!” “Marcus it is what Carla Sharp did with the house that made it a home. God, it’s so good to see you!”