Welcome Home

Kept you hanging too long. New job took me away from Blackston Lake, but I’m back and introducing you to two new characters today. Marcus and Craig grew up together and now you get to meet him and his tantalizing fiancé ..

“She’s just fine. Haven’t I seen you some where before, playing football perhaps,” Carla threw the nerf football at him and lunged at him, pushing him into their bedroom until he was at the bed, “tackled,” she pulled out the duster from her back pocket and started to tickle him.

“Carla, you have exactly 1 hour to get ready for the airport, now you better scoot.” “Yes sir!” The BMW was waiting at the front door as Carla came down the stairs, “I’m ready.” “Well let’s get on the road then, you look very pretty Carla,” Craig kissed her and gave her a hug “I’m not mad about earlier today, ok.” “Yes Craig.”

O’Hare Airport was busy as always, they arrived an hour early and waited by the concourse entrance to greet Marcus and Maureen. “Craig we didn’t talk about Marcus!” Carla questioned Craig.

“Carla he is in the class with Allan and Howard, we’ll talk later ok. How are you feeling?” Craig inquired giving her had a squeeze she replied. “Craig I’m fine now, I’m sorry about earlier I don’t know what got into me this morning.”

“Craig Jones,” Craig turned around “Marcus you look great, nice tan. Marcus this is my bride Carla, this is Marcus Orlofsky.” Marcus kissed Carla’s hand and said, “This lovely lady is Maureen, soon to be my bride!” Craig kissed her hand “Well it sounds like a celebration is in store” Craig and Marcus walked away.

“Well Maureen, looks like we are going to have to remind our men were here” Carla giggled as Maureen joined in “Watch this. So where do all the sailors hang out Carla, think we can find some close by?”

“Oops, follow my lead Marcus,” Craig said as the guys stopped and turned around. “Hey don’t I know you from somewhere little girl?” “Why you might” Carla wiggled up to Marcus. “Oh you have some nice muscles.”

“Carla Marie Sharp, are you flirting with this man, the coach won’t let us break camp!” “Jonesy but she’s so cute, you take the redhead, and I love blondes.” The couples laughed.

“Ok ladies, sorry we’ll behave, can we buy you a drink” Marcus asked smiling. “That’s much better you big oaf.” Maureen was giggling as she smacked him.

“Oh we’re going to get along really well, Maureen” Carla put her arm around her. “Yes Carla, we’re going to be good friends I can tell.” Carla whispered something and Maureen laughed nodding her head yes. Craig and Marcus were kissed but not by their girls, as they took the others arm into the bar.

“I believe you two said you we’re buying.” “Marcus we’re in trouble,” Craig laughed as Marcus said, “Yes sir, I believe we are, but I can handle this type of trouble just fine!”

“Me too,” Craig agreed. “By the way you two are staying with us for our first dinner and pajama party, Mary Kate and Allan will be coming down. Howard and Nichole will be there and Craig hired a professional photographer for tonight.” Carla exclaimed as she took another sip of wine.

“Guess we had better just make this one our last and head down the road. I can’t wait to see what you did with the House on the Hill Craig!” “Marcus it is what Carla Sharp did with the house that made it a home. God, it’s so good to see you!”

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