You’re Invited

Waking up to 8 degrees made me shiver, after a cup of coffee I thought today would be great for a party at Blackston Lake in the summer… Smile, warm up your hands and journey to Craig’s Place with me …


The ride back to Craig’s Place allowed Carla a chance to think to herself. Marcus, about my height but, ohmigod the muscles he has I think his arms are actually bigger than Howard’s he has a sweet smile and really blonde hair and bluish green eyes. Maureen’s red hair with the strawberry blonde highlights is beautiful, eyes of emerald green and a little shorter and built like me. They are a nice couple!

“Carla” Craig said softly “Focus Honey,” Craig touched her hand “Oh sorry, I was lost in party planning, sorry folks.”

“Oh I remember this drive so well. Craig I’m putting the window down I want to smell the Indiana air again,” Marcus said. “Me too Marc, it’s been a really long time, gosh five years at least since I’ve been back to the area.”  “I’ll get you home tomorrow night Mo, then you can see Pops, ok.” “Thanks Marc.”

“We’re here folks,” Craig said. “Construction is still in progress on the garage. Come on in, welcome to Craig’s Place!” Carla said as Craig and Marcus brought in the luggage “Which room Carla?” “Lakefront” “Follow me please folks,” Craig said with a smile as he grabbed the bags.

“Carla you two sound like innkeepers” Maureen giggled. “Actually we’ve had a few overnight stays. The first one was an invasion of the Corps Group from an impromptu reunion one Sunday night. Just make yourself at home and come on down after you get settled, wines chilling.” Carla smiled.

The doorbell chimed. “Allan and Mary Kate are here,” Carla said using the new intercom as she opened the door giving them both big hugs. Everyone came in from the patio to greet them. They were all talking in the kitchen when Howard and Nichole pulled up followed by Tommy.

Tommy went into action, “What type of photos do you want Mrs. J?” Carla explained “Candid mainly and several of the couples, ok?” “Yes Mrs. J, thanks for this opportunity and the dinner.” “Oh I have coke for you out on the patio in the fridge Tommy.”

Appetizers and wine flowed, the music was perfect, guests the best, and the weather was warm and sunny. Tommy was everywhere, taking close ups and action shots of the dancing, joking and the ones of the men trying to cook were hilarious.

After dinner, everyone was commenting on what a warm night it was and how inviting the water looked. “Well, if you don’t have a suit I’m sure we can find something for everyone to put on and take a dip.” “Sure sounds good to me,” Mary Kate was the first one to speak up and all the women headed upstairs for their suits, “I could use some shorts and a t-shirt,” Nichole asked. “That I can do follow me” Carla pointed up the stairs. Howard was the only one that was without a suit so he followed Craig upstairs and they found a big pair of trunks that worked.

“Charge” rang out as the men went down the steps and on to the pier. The gals all shook their heads. “They never grow up do they?” Maureen commented and started to giggle.

“Think you’re right girlfriend, neither do we, let’s go have some fun ‘cannonball’,” Maureen shouted as she grabbed Mary Kate’s arm and ran down the pier. Carla took Nichole’s hand “We better follow the leader” running behind the other two gals and jumped in the lake.

The whole party was now in the water with the exception of Tommy who was taking photos.


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