Morning Discovery

     Best way to wake up is the smell of coffee brewing! See if it works for the sleepy heads at Craig’s on Blackston Lake.

“I should have known you’d be up first, morning Howard sleep ok?” Carla asked, turning on the oven. “Oh yes. Need help cooking Carla?” “No Howard, you and Craig enjoy your morning, already made up the casseroles yesterday.”

“Morning everyone,” Allan and Mary Kate waltzed in. “Do you want tea or coffee, Mary Kate?” “Coffee, need help Carla?” “Everything is under control Mary Kate. I figure Marcus and Maureen will be last down.”

“Morning Nichole” Carla handed her a cup “Oh coffee, thanks Carla, hi Mary Kate.” Carla, Mary Kate, and Nichole busied themselves setting the table and pouring juice.

“Sorry everyone jet lag, Morning” Marcus apologized. “Morning Maureen, Marcus, Coffee or Tea” Carla asked. “Carla we’re coffee junkies.” “Breakfast will be ready shortly.” Carla said.

The newspapers where on the table and everyone was sitting around the family room chatting, the casseroles where cooking and the coffee cake warming. The women sat chatting at the breakfast bar as the men went outside talking about the construction and walked around to the lakefront.

Craig and Howard saw the Cris Craft sitting right at the edge of the cove. “Is that the same boat Craig?” “From what I can see yes Howard, looks like Mark’s.” Howard was talking softly to the group now “I thought he was still in the hospital, got binoculars? Got your phone?”

Craig shook his head “Spy glasses yes, anybody got their cell, I need to call Carla without leaving our little scene here, and have her get the binoculars sighted on the boat.”

“Here, I dialed the number it’s all yours.” Allan handed the phone to Craig. “Honey, go upstairs and get the binoculars and look out our private terrace at the cove to the left, is that Mark’s boat?” Craig explained to Carla.

“Is this part of the issue going on here Howard?” Marcus asked, looking at Allan and Howard. “Yes Marcus,” Howard replied slapping his back, he went down on his haunches watching the boat, picking at the grass.

Allan walked over by the big tree followed by Marcus, “And there’s more than this Marcus, I’ll bring you up to speed on the trip home.” Marcus and Allan walked down the steps across to the beach area. “That is if it won’t freak out Maureen.” Marcus put his arm around Allan’s shoulder and said, “She’s cool with everything in fact she has some good ideas. I have to get her up to St. Joe and her Dad first. He’s really bad.”

“I understand Mary Kate just went through that a month ago. Oh and by the way, I have a Grand Cherokee for you to drive at the house.” Allan patted Marcus on the back as they turned and walked back up to the house. “Hope all this looks normal to whoever is watching us.” “Yep, just two old friends with a lot of memories, I’ve missed everyone and have so much to share, let’s get back up the stairs. Carla’s disappeared.”


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