I feel I should fill you in on the four men’s connection so you can get to know how these four minds are working out in Craig’s front yard. 

Howard Awls the oldest by 5 years, born and raised there in Awlsport and Blackston Lake. He’s the 3rd generation to be involved in the Awls Ironworks, ex Marine and business owner of a security company and other family businesses started by J.W. Awls and Craig’s great grandfather C.A. Jones.  Hence the reason why Craig and Howard are sort of joined at the hip and how Carla could think he was her personal security guard.

Now Allan Sullivan and Marcus Orlofsky are the same age as Craig, born and raised next door in Waukegan, and spent a lot of their summers at Blackston Lake with Craig. Marcus studied all the financial courses he could, joined the Navy and became a Seal. He was able to learn about  intelligence during this time. He’s Craig’s financial adviser, CPA and best buddy since age 3.

Allan Sullivan left Waukegan after studying law, joined the Navy, like Marcus he was a Seal and eventually worked for the FBI, now he is in the security business with Howard and the one that’s saved Craig’s behind a few times and Allan was the one who discovered the email mess that caused that big fight with Carla.Secrets  Cove left side Book option 7.15.2012   196 (2)

As you know if you’ve been following the Blackston Lake Saga that these three men are very connected with Craig’s life. 

At one time Carla even thought they were too connected but not anymore. Now her best friend Mary Kate is dating Allan, Howard’s new gal happens to be the nurse from Carla’s doctor. A new friend has joined the group, Maureen… so you can imagine what the chatter was about as the ladies started breakfast this morning.

Breakfast was lengthy as Marcus shared his sailing journey. Craig put in the wedding DVD over more coffee and everyone laughed. The group of friends was the real thing, and Craig finally realized what Allan and Howard had been saying for so long about who his real friends were.


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