Secrets  Cove left side Book option 7.15.2012   196 (2)I’ve introduced you to the four major male characters that we have in the Blackston Lake Saga last week. The welcome home pajama party is now over, Allan and Marcus are headed back up to Lake Michigan with their ladies, leaving Craig and Howard to talk…      

Carla has confirmed that the occupants of the boat look likes Mark and  Paula Smith, the couple that stood up for them when they went to Vegas. That is the very same Mark that was hurt breaking into his home for some Jack Daniels the night they returned from their honeymoon.

Howard and Craig headed into the library. “Craig, come with me. Let’s see if this security system worked like it was supposed to.” “There, your system has captured them, push this button and you have a print out and your proof.”

“Howard I have questions,” Craig said. “I know. We’ll talk later ok Craig?” “Sure Howard, but, Mark’s car is still on my property right?” Craig asked.

“Yes, Craig why” Howard asked. “Howard if we wore gloves could we check to see if there’s anything in the car to prove he broke in here.”  Howard gave Craig a very serious look “Craig what’s wrong, there’s something bugging you?”

“Carla made a statement when we talked the other day and she’s been tossing a lot since the break in. She was talking in her sleep too ‘leave me alone Mark’ that was Friday about 4 AM and Carla never hit the hooch until later in the afternoon, not at 9 AM. I’m wondering if he was in here and fell trying to leave that morning and that’s why Tim couldn’t find him!” Craig lowered his head and bit his lip.

“Damn Craig, you’re really dead serious aren’t you!” “Yes, Howard.” Howard dialed his phone. “Blackie, I need an accident car gone through, over here at Craig Jones place.”

“Howard, are you talking about Mark Smith’s car?” “Yes, it’s not been removed yet. Blackie it could be used as evidence of a break in.”

“Howard put Craig on the phone please.” “Blackie wants to talk to you Craig.” Howard handed Craig his phone.

“Hello Craig, in your own words what is causing your suspicions?” Craig told Blackie the same thing he had just told Howard. “Ok Craig, has he bothered you since?”

“Yes Blackie, the new security system shows them this morning sitting at the cove entrance. Allan Sullivan, Marcus Orlofsky, Howard Awls, Carla Jones, and I witnessed it today. Carla verified it with the binoculars from our room.” “Ok we’ll get up there this afternoon Craig,” Blackie hung up.

“Craig I’m taking Nichole home and I’ll be back as soon as I can. Better let Carla know that Blackie is coming about the car. We’ll tell her your suspicions when I get back ok?” Craig said, “Sure Howard thanks!”

“Carla Blackie and the police unit are coming to check out Mark’s car this afternoon, there’s something about this whole Mark thing that’s bugging you and now me.” Craig told Carla, “Ok Craig let me know what I need to do.




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