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Walking Away From What?

     Imagine your sitting with your new husband, married only a month ago and you suddenly are seeing pictures from your past, which you never told your husband about. . .  How would you handle the situation that’s developing? Is that why Carla has walked away?

“Mrs. Jones many of these pictures are from the Grill, was Mark and Paula Smith there every time you were there?” Detective Black asked.

“Yes Detective Black. Mark Smith always seemed to be there, not always with his wife Paula though. Sometimes he would disappear and come back later in the night. He’d always interrupt my conversations if I was talking with a man. He was very annoying!”

“One more Carla, this last shot, this man looks somewhat familiar,” Craig said. He handed the photo to her “Do you remember his name?” Detective Black took Carla’s hand, “Mrs. Jones he could identify the stalker. It’s important.”

“Excuse me for a moment.” Carla walked  up the stairs, Craig started after her, but Howard put his hand on Craig’s arm stopping him. “She’s thinking Craig, let her be right now.”

Detective Black turned off the recorder and got up moving to the sofa, Blackie the friend sat down next to Craig. “This case is building by the minute Craig. It is pointing towards a restraining order and if Mark is responsible and this man can point to him, it is solid. A lot of this was before you, she seemed to be a little embarrassed to talk about this in front of you.”

“Oh I understand thanks Blackie. I wasn’t thinking about that aspect of this,” Craig rested back on the sofa with a deep sigh and tried to relax.


Past Beau

     Just when you think things couldn’t get worse … the bottom falls out!

“Yes go on Mrs. Jones we need as much detail as you can provide on these. Like the dates, who, what, where if you can.” Detective Black asked and waited patiently, taking full note that Carla hesitated to reveal this information in front of Craig, Detective Black turned off the recorder before he said “Take your time Carla, this is important information.” Carla nodded her head as she tried to remember these photos details and just said ok to Detective Black to turn the recorder back on.

“This one with me in front of the red door, that was my first Standard Christmas party, it was all decorated like New York at night, that’s the ladies room door, it was at the Holiday Inn 7 years ago I think,” Carla stated.

“This crinkled up photo is of me and Jerry trying to get into the New Year’s Dance at Marquette Ballroom that must have been 4 years ago.” Carla looked at Craig and shivered as she looked at the next photo, Craig ran his hand across her back “You ok Honey?” “Yes.”

“Adam Covertry, AC the owner of the Grill, this was a big birthday party I think it was his 40th, all drinks where free for the ladies. That’s Lilly and Cheri and the busboys.” “Good Mrs. Jones, I remember that night, we had a call, big fight started” Detective Black noted. “Yes Detective Black I remember that also it was close to closing time.”

“This is at the Toga party, New Year’s eve at the Grill. Everyone had to dress up as a god or goddess in order to get in. I got soused, so did Mary Kate, I think that was 3 years ago.” Carla blushed, glancing over to Craig.

Carla stood up and finished her water “You ok Carla?” Howard asked checking her pulse. Carla smiled “Is it ok, doc?” “A little on the fast side, but you’re ok” Howard gave her a smile and a pat on her back.

Carla was walking around the room holding the next two photos in her hand. “Back to memories, my black jumpsuit, I wore that a lot several years ago, especially in the summer. I was trolling for dudes with Mary Kate, more than likely that’s at the Grill on a Saturday night.”



  How many times have you seen someone who looks so familiar?  Well that’s where we left Carla last week. The police and forensic is at the house, let’s see what happens next. Does Carla know Officer Samuels …

Carla had a questionable look on her face as she replied, “I don’t know it just feels like we met before. I will let you know when I remember. Now what is going on here?”

Howard pulled up behind the BMW as they were walking into the house. “Good timing Howard” Craig said. Blackie motioned to the door “Mr. and Mrs. Jones please sit here on your sofa” he motioned to the family room area.

Detective Black switched off the recorder then took off his jacket, “Wow, I have to officially call you by your full names when we discuss what we have just found, but I’m still your friend Blackie, ok Carla, ok Craig? “Of course” they both said. Blackie turned back into Detective Black & turned on the recorder.

“This is Detective Black. I’ve put the bag’s contents out of the vehicle registered to Mark Smith of Centerville, on the coffee table in the victims’ Craig and Carla Jones family room. I need to know if any of this belongs to you Mrs. Carla Jones, then I need to know about these photos as well.”

“Ohmigod” Carla raised her hand to her mouth “These are the earrings I lost. How did my undies get in here? What’s going on Craig?” Terror was on Carla’s face. “Carla can you tell us about these photos, please take your time.” Howard brought Carla and Craig each some water. “Thanks.”

Carla started shaking Craig put his arm around her shoulder with a slight squeeze. Carla picked up the photos “Yes these photos are all me . . . this first one is from March 2nd after 4 AM I was so exhausted I didn’t take my make-up off that night. That was the night when Mark Smith hurled that big liquor bottle at your car in the parking lot of The Grill in Centerville.”



      Face it, we all have a few secrets from our youth that we hope are deeply embedded into our grey matter never be revealed again.   A secret love, silly drunken act, whatever it is we’ve forgotten it, right?   Let’s see how the visit by police turns out … before I forget Detective Black is Craig’s friend Blackie Riddle.

The Forensic Team and Detective Black arrived about 1 PM, Craig stood back and watched as the police did the photography, fingerprinting and searching of Mark’s car. Detective Black approached with a paper in his hand. “Craig, you just might be right about Mark, is this Carla?”

Craig looked at the photo Detective Black handed him. It was Carla asleep in her apartment. He knew those black sheets and remembered the night she looked like that. “Yes Detective Black that is my wife. She looked just like she did the night Mark Smith threw a big liquor bottle at the trunk. I believe this was March 2nd sometime after 4:00 AM after I dropped her off at home!”

“Excuse me Detective Black we found these as well.” Officer Samuels handed him some more photos and bottles of champagne.

“Those are my missing champagne bottles! I believe those are 1943 Dom Perignon that is from my wine cellar.” Craig stated. “That’s what they say Craig, how about these photos?” Blackie handed Craig more photos.

“Mr. Jones may we look at your car trunk?” Detective Black asked.

“Of course, it’s the red BMW under the portico at the front door.”

Detective Black motioned to Officer Samuels. “See if you can pull the bottle scratches off the BMW truck and then follow Mr. Jones.”

“Craig, would you show the officer to your wine cellar so he can dust for prints.” Craig held the photos in his hand and lead the Officer to the wine cellar and car as Carla walked out the door.

“Holy crap, what’s going on Craig,” Carla asked.

“Hello Mrs. Jones” Blackie said.

“Detective Black, where did these wine bottles come from?”

“Carla, Howard, and I’ll explain here in a minute,” Craig said taking Carla’s hand. “Actually Carla these are the missing bottles of 1943 Dom,” Craig said.

Blackie was standing at the door with Craig and Carla “Mrs. Jones we have found some things we need to talk to you about inside please.” Craig took her arm and Detective Black motioning them into the house.

Carla noticed the very tall muscular black man coming up the drive. ‘Samuels’ was printed on his shirt and he was carrying a paper grocery bag with him as he approached. “Excuse me Detective before you go in these were found as well.” Officer Samuels handed the bag to Blackie.

“Thanks, is it clean now?”

“Yes sir” this familiar black man replied.

“Tow it in then Sam!”

Carla asked Craig quietly “Who is the tall black man, his shirt says Samuels. He looks so familiar Craig?”

“Officer Samuels, I’m not sure why he would look familiar to you Carla, he’s from Centerville.” Craig replied “Why Carla?”