How many times have you seen someone who looks so familiar?  Well that’s where we left Carla last week. The police and forensic is at the house, let’s see what happens next. Does Carla know Officer Samuels …

Carla had a questionable look on her face as she replied, “I don’t know it just feels like we met before. I will let you know when I remember. Now what is going on here?”

Howard pulled up behind the BMW as they were walking into the house. “Good timing Howard” Craig said. Blackie motioned to the door “Mr. and Mrs. Jones please sit here on your sofa” he motioned to the family room area.

Detective Black switched off the recorder then took off his jacket, “Wow, I have to officially call you by your full names when we discuss what we have just found, but I’m still your friend Blackie, ok Carla, ok Craig? “Of course” they both said. Blackie turned back into Detective Black & turned on the recorder.

“This is Detective Black. I’ve put the bag’s contents out of the vehicle registered to Mark Smith of Centerville, on the coffee table in the victims’ Craig and Carla Jones family room. I need to know if any of this belongs to you Mrs. Carla Jones, then I need to know about these photos as well.”

“Ohmigod” Carla raised her hand to her mouth “These are the earrings I lost. How did my undies get in here? What’s going on Craig?” Terror was on Carla’s face. “Carla can you tell us about these photos, please take your time.” Howard brought Carla and Craig each some water. “Thanks.”

Carla started shaking Craig put his arm around her shoulder with a slight squeeze. Carla picked up the photos “Yes these photos are all me . . . this first one is from March 2nd after 4 AM I was so exhausted I didn’t take my make-up off that night. That was the night when Mark Smith hurled that big liquor bottle at your car in the parking lot of The Grill in Centerville.”


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