Past Beau

     Just when you think things couldn’t get worse … the bottom falls out!

“Yes go on Mrs. Jones we need as much detail as you can provide on these. Like the dates, who, what, where if you can.” Detective Black asked and waited patiently, taking full note that Carla hesitated to reveal this information in front of Craig, Detective Black turned off the recorder before he said “Take your time Carla, this is important information.” Carla nodded her head as she tried to remember these photos details and just said ok to Detective Black to turn the recorder back on.

“This one with me in front of the red door, that was my first Standard Christmas party, it was all decorated like New York at night, that’s the ladies room door, it was at the Holiday Inn 7 years ago I think,” Carla stated.

“This crinkled up photo is of me and Jerry trying to get into the New Year’s Dance at Marquette Ballroom that must have been 4 years ago.” Carla looked at Craig and shivered as she looked at the next photo, Craig ran his hand across her back “You ok Honey?” “Yes.”

“Adam Covertry, AC the owner of the Grill, this was a big birthday party I think it was his 40th, all drinks where free for the ladies. That’s Lilly and Cheri and the busboys.” “Good Mrs. Jones, I remember that night, we had a call, big fight started” Detective Black noted. “Yes Detective Black I remember that also it was close to closing time.”

“This is at the Toga party, New Year’s eve at the Grill. Everyone had to dress up as a god or goddess in order to get in. I got soused, so did Mary Kate, I think that was 3 years ago.” Carla blushed, glancing over to Craig.

Carla stood up and finished her water “You ok Carla?” Howard asked checking her pulse. Carla smiled “Is it ok, doc?” “A little on the fast side, but you’re ok” Howard gave her a smile and a pat on her back.

Carla was walking around the room holding the next two photos in her hand. “Back to memories, my black jumpsuit, I wore that a lot several years ago, especially in the summer. I was trolling for dudes with Mary Kate, more than likely that’s at the Grill on a Saturday night.”


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