Walking Away From What?

     Imagine your sitting with your new husband, married only a month ago and you suddenly are seeing pictures from your past, which you never told your husband about. . .  How would you handle the situation that’s developing? Is that why Carla has walked away?

“Mrs. Jones many of these pictures are from the Grill, was Mark and Paula Smith there every time you were there?” Detective Black asked.

“Yes Detective Black. Mark Smith always seemed to be there, not always with his wife Paula though. Sometimes he would disappear and come back later in the night. He’d always interrupt my conversations if I was talking with a man. He was very annoying!”

“One more Carla, this last shot, this man looks somewhat familiar,” Craig said. He handed the photo to her “Do you remember his name?” Detective Black took Carla’s hand, “Mrs. Jones he could identify the stalker. It’s important.”

“Excuse me for a moment.” Carla walked  up the stairs, Craig started after her, but Howard put his hand on Craig’s arm stopping him. “She’s thinking Craig, let her be right now.”

Detective Black turned off the recorder and got up moving to the sofa, Blackie the friend sat down next to Craig. “This case is building by the minute Craig. It is pointing towards a restraining order and if Mark is responsible and this man can point to him, it is solid. A lot of this was before you, she seemed to be a little embarrassed to talk about this in front of you.”

“Oh I understand thanks Blackie. I wasn’t thinking about that aspect of this,” Craig rested back on the sofa with a deep sigh and tried to relax.


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