??????????       How would you handle suddenly bringing that person from your past life into your present life …

“Blackie” Carla said as she came out of the bedroom and walked to the stairs, “Yes Carla” he walked up to greet her. “Please turn your recorder back on Detective. I just have his business card that was over 5 years ago, so I don’t know if it’s still his location, I do know the phone number is good” she motioned him to sit closer to her on the steps.

“He’s a lawyer in Chicago. This was at a big convention, at the Ramada over a weekend. Detective Black I was his . . . We lived together for about a year. I can call him, his name is Jacoby Covertry. He is AC’s brother and partner at the Grill. If you need more details, I’m sure he can help but please keep this quiet.”

Blackie and Carla sat there quiet for a few minutes, he switched off the recorder “Carla does Craig know about this time in your life?” “A little but not a lot, I know I have to tell him now, because these photos show a wild side of me. This was my do whatever it takes; I have to support myself side as well as the Canadian Club days.”

“Blackie, excuse me Detective Black the night.” Blackie placed his hand on hers “Carla should I turn the recorder on now?”

Carla nodded her head and waited to talk until Blackie nodded his head. “Detective Black the night of the break in I think Mark Smith took pictures of us in bed. There was a lot of lightening, thunder and then the loud crash; but a less intense noise for a while.”

“Was there a thunderstorm going on?” “Yes Detective Black but something else woke me up. An odor and noise before the storm and then right after the power went out. Did they find a small pocket camera in the car?” Carla asked. “No, Mrs. Jones, it may have stayed on his person till he was admitted to the hospital, why?”


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