We all have those little memories imbedded in our brains, smells, noises, we just never know when they will help us solve a problem, jog our feelings or memories of experiences from days gone by…  see how Carla used them.

Carla took out her little Nikon Coolpix camera and turned to Detective Black, “Listen” she turned it on and off several times, moving a little farther away. Then she aimed the camera at herself taking pictures, the red light appeared as she held down the shutter button, causing the flash to continue, the motor whirling and pinging, the slight grinding of the zoom going in and out.

Carla asked, “See how this resembles a severe thunderstorm’s lighting.” The whole time Blackie had the recorder within inches of the camera. “So this is the noise you think you heard that night Mrs. Jones?” “Yes Detective Black it is.”

Blackie acknowledge with his head, “Go on Mrs. Jones.” “It was very quiet that morning before the storm hit and noise gets louder as the moisture sets in around you. Craig felt or smelled something and instinctively he knew it was wrong as we walked out of the bedroom, he stopped me here on the landing and went for his Glock.”

“Mrs. Jones, are you sure that’s the noise you heard?” “Yes.” Detective took Carla’s hand “Mrs. Jones is there any Jack Daniels in the house?” “I think so,” they walked down to the bar, a few ounces remained in the bottle, Detective Black took off the top and flipped on the recorder “Smell this please Mrs. Jones.” “Yuck,” she stepped back a few feet.  He poured it in a small glass and waved it by her, Carla exclaimed “Yes that’s what I smelled Detective Black, Jack Daniels!” He turned off the recorder, “You did real well Carla.”

“Got him, Craig Jones you’ve got some wife. I think we can get Mark Smith with stalking, breaking and entering. Where’s your picture from the security system, I want to see the whole footage Craig.” “In here Blackie, sorry I mean Detective Black.” Howard lead the way as everyone went into the library

“Howard please do the honors, I don’t know enough about this yet, Blackie.” “That’s ok Craig I think this lady may need a hug while we pull this up.” Craig replied “Yes sir, Detective!”

“Howard can you make a copy for our files?” “Sure this has only been up for five days, but you have plenty to see from what I’m seeing here.” “Thanks.”

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