Now What Happens

     You’ve revealed your past to the cops… things coming out in front of your new husband, what could be racing through you mind?

   Knowing you have to start explaining the past. How would you feel, heart racing… embarrassed… sweaty palms… wanting to crawl under the covers and pretend it was all a bad dream!  Or would you …

“Carla you ok, you two we’re AWOL for a while” Craig held her close and kissed her “Craig I’m ok, just needed time to remember things. We have some talking to do.” “I know baby.” “Thanks Howard. Carla you were great and Craig, stay safe. I’d love some coffee but I gotta catch a criminal, cross your fingers I find a Coolpix. I’ll be in touch.”

Carla walked up to Blackie as he headed out to his car and whispered “Thanks Blackie, your Officer Samuels.” Blackie nodded his head. “Was he a patrolmen a few years ago, working around the Grill area?” Blackie looked up, “I think so why Carla, anything else about this case I need to know about?”

Carla smiled “He looks so familiar, that must be from where maybe, he was the officer that came to my rescue from my lost drunken neighbor, just curious. And thanks for being you.” Carla kissed his cheek. “Carla I’ll check that out for you ok.”

“What is that smell?” Craig turned up his nose. “Oh that’s evidence Craig Blackie poured it out in the glass so I could see if that’s the odor that woke me.” “And was it” Craig asked. “Yes that and this” she held up her camera and demonstrated to Howard and Craig what woke her that morning. “Carla your right that Jack Daniels is what I smelled when I walked onto the landing.”

“Howard care to stay for left over’s?” Carla asked, “Not tonight I had better get home to my son, besides you two have some talking to do, later.”

“Thanks Howard let me walk you out” Craig lead the way. Outside Howard got in the Hummer and turned to look at Craig, “Be gentle, and listen to her tonight, no getting mad, this happened before you two knew each other. Call me if you need to, we can always find a target to shoot at out here!” “I will!”

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