DSCN2170  Just how do you go about avoiding the subject that you know has to  be  addressed … Make a great dinner, pour a glass of wine, chat about world events, the latest  party.  Or are you the kind to hold it inside until you bust?  Not wanting to say it’s done I failed you…

Carla got up to clear the dishes and Craig grabbed her around the waist, pulling her into him. “Leave them be, I know you and I can tell you’re about to bust so let it out honey.”

Carla had her lips tightly closed to keep them from trembling, knowing that once she parted them the dam would burst open. “Craig your wife’s not always led a pure life,” she said between the tears.

Craig kissed her forehead and said. “Honey your husband hasn’t either. We survived in spite of ourselves and once we found each other nothing else mattered” he wiped away her tears along with the ones in his eyes and held her tight, scooping her up in his arms he walked to the sofa and sat down holding her on his lap as she cried.

“Craig your demon is Jack Daniels mine is Canadian Club, just remember that!” Carla said as she sat up to blow her nose. “I’m ashamed at what I did when I graduated college. I had no one to help me and I was Jake’s, we lived together for a year. The reason you recognized Jake is because he’s AC’s brother and part owner of the Grill.” Carla grabbed another tissue and went for the wine glasses and bottle.

“I was always at the Grill because I had a running tab for food and beverage. After I finally got a job, it didn’t pay a lot so I helped wait tables, especially on the weekends, when Jake was out of town.” Carla took a big sip of wine before she continued.

“The picture of me and Jake was after I had been on the job at Standard a couple years. He came into town and asked to get together, so naturally we went to the Grill. Craig, this is the honest to God truth, Jake will nail Mark’s ass to the floor in a heartbeat, he warned him several times to stay away from me.”

“Jake called me when AC told him I had finally found a great guy, one night after work. Reaffirmed that I never would have a worry if I needed anything just call.” Carla’s tears had finally stopped she felt as if a weight had lifted off her shoulders.

Carla leaned into Craig with a kiss and hug keeping her head on his shoulder she said, “I should have told you about this before we got married, but I never thought this would ever be revealed, it was so long ago.”

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