Your deepest thoughts and secrets you’ve guarded so carefully, suddenly out there. Do you pray and plea forgiveness for what you think is your tragic life… only it turns out to be a trigger for the memory for another.  The next thing flying thought in your mind.

Will he still love me?  ??????????

Carla leaned into Craig with a kiss and hug keeping her head on his shoulder she said, “I should have told you about this before we got married, but I never thought this would ever be revealed, it was so long ago.”

Craig pulled her closer and rubbed her back as he kissed her, “Carla that’s why he looked so familiar and you know what, I think I remember you from the Grill, you served us one night, seeing these old pictures, reminded me. I still wore my uniform, because it was just before I got out of the service. I had met Mark there to talk about going to work for Standard on one of his boys’ night out away from Paula.”

Craig snickered then continued his train of thought “You know even back then Paula was gossip queen. It’s a small world isn’t it babe,” Craig hugged her and planted a soft kiss.

“Craig you are the only man I have ever loved, and will ever love. Take me up stairs and love me like I hope you still want to.”

Craig smiled “No problem there, I’ve always wanted you Carla from the first time I saw you I was in lust. Your wishes Carla Marie Sharp Jones, I will always grant” the wine glasses where set down and Craig carried Carla up to their room.

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